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Tarot - Take Your Readings To The Next Level: A Comprehensive Guide For New Readers - Isbn:9781434897176

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  • Book Title: Tarot - Take Your Readings to the Next Level: A Comprehensive Guide for New Readers
  • ISBN 13: 9781434897176
  • ISBN 10: 1434897176
  • Author: Jez Rogers
  • Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Category (general): Other
  • Publisher: Jerry Rogers
  • Format & Number of pages: 154 pages, book
  • Synopsis: You are going to start with a system on which you can later, and gradually, build your own. ... numbered from 0 to 22 (there are only 22 majors, number 21 is usually omitted, but this can vary from deck to deck) put the number in the first column.

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Taking Guided Reading Instruction to the Next Level

Taking Guided Reading Instruction to the Next Level

How does guided reading help students read more complex texts?

The goal of guided reading is to nudge students toward independence, so that they can read and comprehend complex texts independently. Using the teaching context of guided reading as part of a comprehensive literacy framework, I can teach readers a particular skill or strategy in guided reading one day, and the next, I can introduce a more challenging text where readers then apply those strategies. Guided reading has always been about matching readers to texts. Teachers who know their students and are knowledgeable about books are able to ratchet up the challenge with various books, day by day.

Why do young readers need access to books they can read?

If a reader is struggling with multiple aspects of a text that is too hard, it’s too challenging for the teacher to prompt and scaffold at every point of need. The students simply shut down. In the primary grades, confidence reins. Young children—especially striving learners—have to believe that they are readers. When young readers encounter a text that is overwhelmingly hard, you can see the look in their eyes: fear and defeat. So, I know from experience that there is much faster progress when I give children a book they can read (with support), and then another book that they can read, and so on. Once I’ve hooked them, and they see themselves as readers, my job is easy! That is the goal of guiding readers—teaching readers how to solve problems on their own so that they can do it independently when reading more complex texts. Our role as primary grade teachers is to provide learners with a solid foundation. We’ve learned so much from Fountas and Pinnell’s work on how to prompt and scaffold a student at the point of difficulty. If we want children to be able to read complex texts independently, we have to provide them with the skills and strategies to do so.

How do you add another layer to guided reading?

In the era of higher standards, we can add another layer to our guided reading instruction. You could amplify comprehension conversations in the small guided-reading group. Let’s say you have a group of emerging readers. You’d scaffold, prompt, teach decoding strategies with an instructional-level text on Monday, and keep at it Tuesday and Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, you could reread a significantly more complex text that you’ve read to the whole class. After all, even emerging readers—especially ELLs—need to hear the language of more complex texts. In this small-group context, you can read a little bit of the text at a time, and talk about the concepts and vocabulary in the book with a very focused, intentional comprehension conversation. At K-2, in order to discuss texts with complex themes and ideas, you will sometimes HAVE to do the reading for them. So, in my opinion, a guided reading lesson could occasionally be reading aloud and guiding students in comprehending a text.

How does assessment help you know each of your reader’s strengths, struggles, and interests so you can make the best student-to-text match?

I think we are depending too much on individual assessments that are either too time-consuming or too narrow instead of giving multi-faceted assessments to the whole class and to individuals. For example, I give a reading-interest survey to my whole class at the beginning of the year. This allows me to quickly put books they want to read into their hands. You can also easily give a developmental word knowledge inventory to the whole class to better understand their grasp of phonics. With information about my learners’ stages of spelling development, I know which students I need to do a running record with right away to see if they are reading accurately and fluently, and to learn which decoding strategies they are or are not using. Of course, I’m also asking questions to assess their comprehension. With the results of these assessments in hand, I have a complete picture and can match both texts and instructional methods to my readers. For above-level readers, I might provide guidance in selecting texts and then monitor their progress with 1:1 conferences. Readers who are below-level will get a steady diet of instructional-level texts and lots of support during guided reading. They’ll also get an equal amount texts they can read independently so that they can increase their reading volume.

Small group guided reading lessons are just one thread in the complex web of primary-grade literacy instruction. Each year, we weave together a diverse group of young learners into a cohesive community of learners, writers, thinkers, and problem solvers, while at the same time teaching them the skills and strategies necessary to be passionate, thoughtful, and critical readers. Hmmm! No wonder I’m tired at the end of every day!

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The Tarot Reading Companion from Aeclectic Tarot

Your Guide to Real Answers from Your Tarot Readings

Stop feeling so frustrated by your readings and start getting answers to your questions and insight into your life. Discover all 78 tarot card meanings, just how and when to do a reading, and how to use reversed cards today.

Inside The Tarot Reading Companion.
  • The complete 78 tarot card meanings by Thirteen, as seen here at Aeclectic
  • 292 pages of insights and advice based on over twenty years of tarot reading
  • Discover exactly how and when to read your cards for easy and confident readings
  • Three easy tarot spreads to try, and sample readings show you how it's done
  • Bonus - all 78 reversed card meanings for you to expand the scope of your readings

    It's the perfect introduction to your cards if you're a beginner tarot reader, or a companion to your readings if you're already on your tarot journey.

    Get Useful Advice from Your Cards..

    Discover the 78 tarot card meanings through vivid stories and simple and practical advice. Thirteen explains.

    • All of the major arcana. minor arcana and court cards in detail
  • The most common symbols that appear on each tarot card
  • The basic meaning of the card, so it's easy to apply to your situation
  • The unique story of each major arcana card from the perspective of the Fool's journey
  • Her own practical observations based on years of tarot reading experience

    There's no long lists of keywords or pages of history, just practical advice and easy to apply meanings. Thirteen's clear insights make it easy to understand and apply the meanings to your own life.

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    PLUS three bonus eBooks:

    • 40 original spreads in the Aeclectic Tarot Spreads eBook
  • The Love & Relationship Tarot Spreads eBook
  • The Personal Growth Tarot Spreads eBook

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    Not only is The Tarot Reading Companion your guide to the cards, it's also a step-by-step manual for getting the most from your readings :

    • How to avoid common reading mistakes
  • What questions to ask your cards to get the best answers
  • When to do a reading (and when not to do one)
  • How to best get an answer to yes/no questions
  • How to shuffle and pull cards for your deck
  • Three easy spreads to try, with illustrations and sample readings
  • Here's what people are saying.

    "Your Tarot Meanings have been some of the most insightful interpretation info I've found (way better than many books I've bought). Thanks!!" - Carla

    "The Tarot comes alive for me when I read your explanations." - Diane

    "Your ebooks are always read every day! They are truly the best thing I found!" - Tara

    "This book is perfect for someone who is just starting out with Tarot. It touches on all of the basics without overwhelming the reader." - Mythic Silence

    ". an easy to use reference book that covers the basics, and will open the door to anyone who wants to learn to read the Tarot." - Bonnie Cehovet


    Ready to take your readings to the next level? The book includes bonus reversed meanings for all 78 tarot cards. giving you the blocked, opposite and upside-down interpretation for each card.

    Thirteen clearly explains the often daunting and difficult tarot reversals, offering instead extra insight and help with important life lessons.

    And, The Tarot Reading Companion can be used with most tarot decks. It's also fully illustrated with stunning images from the Sacred Isle Tarot. for when you don't have your cards with you.

    Review of the Tarot Reading Companion by Tarot reader, medusawink.

    "So you have a shiny new tarot deck in your hands then the question hits you - "Where do I start?" Not all tarot for beginners books are reliable, nor would I recommend them; some are too simplistic, others to idiosyncratic, and yet others just straight-up inaccurate. The Tarot Reading Companion by Thirteen Is both accurate and reliable, with clear, unambiguous instruction.

    The Tarot Reading Companion is well laid out, fully illustrated with the beautiful Sacred Isle Tarot. Thirteen's voice and approach is personable and engaging, and the information given is thorough and knowledgable. For experienced readers this book has plenty of ideas to add to your repertoire and expand your perspectives.

    The Tarot Reading Companion gives clarity to a complex and multilayered subject that can be extremely daunting to one starting out on this path. Thirteen gives the reader the benefit of a life-time of experience reading tarot cards with ideas and interpretations that are insightful and original. Tarot reading is an ongoing learning experience and Thirteen has certainly added new knowledge to the pool of information available.

    This book is a really worthwhile addition to your tarot library, and a fantastic starting point for any novice tarot reader."

    Review of the Tarot Reading Companion by Tarot reader, Mystic Silence.

    In this 292 page eBook, Thirteen examines the entire Tarot deck, providing meanings and insights for both upright and reversed cards. She also shares tips for giving readings and a selection of spreads with examples. The book is well organized and has a detailed table of contents, so it's easy to look up a specific card.

    The author discusses the themes of the cards in a conversational way. She explores possibilities and presents ideas that relate to traditional Tarot imagery and associations. The descriptions of the individual cards are vivid, and the meanings incorporate practical applications as well as more spiritual concepts. Thirteen's approach is accessible - she does not overwhelm the reader with numerous esoteric systems.

    For each Major Arcana entry there is a list of common symbols found in the card and the corresponding section of The Fool's Journey. The card's basic meanings are described, and Thirteen provides her own observations to give an even fuller interpretation. One of my favorite insights from Thirteen is her description of the High Priestess as a "restful librarian of information" - a marvelous and concrete musing.

    An overview of the qualities of the Minor Arcana suits precedes the individual card entries. This concise introduction does a great job describing the energies of each suit. Thirteen has organized her discussion of the Minors by number, so the Aces of each suit are covered, then the Twos, and so on. The author relates the numbered cards of the Minors to the corresponding Major Arcana card or general concepts of numerology for additional information. I like how this method emphasizes the connections within the Tarot.

    The Court cards are handled in their own section, and Thirteen does an excellent job of presenting some of their potential meanings and core themes. The individual card entries are divided into headings that describe the card as a person as well as other possible interpretations, such as messages for the Pages. I especially appreciate Thirteen's emphasis on being flexible when assigning a Court Card to a querent. She states that "we are more than just our Sun Signs" and I couldn't agree more.

    Review of the Tarot Reading Companion by Tarot reader, Bonnie Cehovet.

    The Tarot Reading Companion is exactly that - a companion on your journey of Tarot reading. Included are both upright and reversed meanings for all 78 cards, instructions on how to read the cards, sample spreads (including one card readings, past/preset/future readings, relationship readings, and the Horseshoe Spread), and a resource guide.

    The book starts out by noting that the best way to use it is to take in what seems important to you personally. In other words, start wherever you want to start, and go from there. This encourages Tarot students of all levels to make best use of this material.

    Perhaps you are a beginner, unfamiliar with how to do a reading, and unfamiliar with the card meanings. There is a section on how to read, and sections on both the upright and reversed card meanings. Perhaps you want to go straight to the reversed meanings, or you want to check out the templates for a diverse group of spreads. Or perhaps you want to check out the Tarot resources section. There is no one way to work with this book!

    Get the eBook

    Download The Tarot Reading Companion now:

    Regular Price: $24
    Get it now for just $14.95

    Get the complete eBook bundle!

    Download The Tarot Reading Companion now,
    PLUS three bonus eBooks:

    • 40 original spreads in the Aeclectic Tarot Spreads eBook
  • The Love & Relationship Tarot Spreads eBook
  • The Personal Growth Tarot Spreads eBook

    Regular Price: $65
    Get all four eBooks for just $34.95

    Questions? Who is the author of The Tarot Reading Companion?

    Thirteen has been reading tarot cards for twenty-five years and teaching tarot related classes for fifteen. She has also been sharing her insights and guiding tarot students in the Aeclectic Tarot Forum community since 2001.

    Is The Tarot Reading Companion all new material?

    The Companion combines the previous Tarot Card Meanings and Tarot Reversals eBooks, and is also now illustrated with full-colour card images, and includes brand new content on tarot spreads and how to read your cards.

    Can I use my tarot deck with The Tarot Reading Companion?

    Yes - you can use almost any tarot deck. And if you don't have one yet, it's illustrated with cards from the beautiful Sacred Isle Tarot.

    How do I read the eBooks?

    The eBooks are PDF documents and can be easily viewed on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle.

    I like print books. Is your eBooks available on paper?

    Unfortunately not - all eBooks from Aeclectic are digital only. But you're welcome to buy the eBooks and print it yourself.

    Any other questions? Just contact us .



  • Complete Tarot Reader

    The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish by Teresa C. Michelsen
    Review by Diane Wilkes

    If you would like to purchase this book, click here .

    I pride myself on occasionally spotting a trend or recognizing an obscure artist before the rest of the world. I fell in love with the music of Bruce Springsteen long prior to the release of Born to Run. In the world of basketball, I observed at least a month before the Philadelphia sports media that Charles Barkley was pulling down more rebounds than Moses Malone. And, to my credit, I described Teresa Michelsen as an up-and-coming tarot author to watch long before her first book, the excellent Designing your Own Tarot Spreads , was published.

    Having recognized Michelsen's considerable talents for years, however, did not prepare me for this, her newest book, The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish. I have long recommended Tarot for Your Self by Mary K. Greer as the primary book for novices who prefer an interactive and individual approach to the tarot and Joan Bunning's Learning the Tarot for those who prefer something more concrete and Rider-Waite-Smith deck-specific. I never expected to replace either of them in my pantheon of great introductory tarot books. But Teresa's Complete Tarot Reader offers the best of both those worlds, along with a textbook structure that provides an organized format for learning. It is, in my opinion, the most important tarot book for beginning readers to be published since Tarot for Your Self. and it is destined to be recognized as the classic that it is. (Remember: you read it here first.)

    The only other tarot textbook from a mainstream publisher that I am familiar with is Marcia Masino's Easy Tarot Guide . which was published almost 20 years ago. Being neurotically conscientious, I re-read it before I began writing this review so that I could compare the two books. There really is no comparison. While Masino's book is equally well-structured, it is completely based on RWS imagery (and therefore useless for anyone using Thoth or another non-RWS-style deck). In addition, the meanings provided by Masino are finite--limited and limiting. I wrongly believed that was a necessary defect born of the structure of a textbook. Ms. Michelsen's combination of logical structure with questions that allow for personal and individual image-based interpretations has convinced me that the textbook format does not have to stifle creativity or necessarily demand rigidity.

    While I don't possess Michelsen's organizational skills, I will attempt to synopsize her approach and the contents of this book and hope to achieve her clarity. Instead of recycling card meanings and reading methods, this book guides the reader into developing intuitive skills using tarot-specific techniques, integrating psychological, mythological, astrological, numerological, and other underpinnings to create proficiency and depth. (I would have normally used the word "regurgitating" instead of "recycling"--see what a good influence the author is!)

    While tarotists of all levels will gain from this book, Michelsen takes nothing for granted in terms of prior tarot knowledge. She begins the text with suggestions on choosing a deck and encouragement to begin a tarot journal. In both cases, as throughout the book, her voice is one of a knowledgeable guide who invites the new reader to trust himself to make his own choices and value his intuition. She then provides various exercises for the reader to explore the cards before introducing any traditional meanings or correspondences. This not only allows the novice to begin to trust her instincts, if she's using a journal, she'll always have a record of her initial card interpretations.

    Only after that trust is established does Michelsen begin providing card specific information. She begins with the Minor Arcana, addressing suit and numerical correspondences and elemental associations. Even here, she mixes information with creativity so dextrously that the reader absorbs the data painlessly. While some like to think that only memorization can etch facts into our brains, I heartily disagree. I tend to remember what I've learned via fiction longer and more accurately than I do information I've studied for a specific purpose.

    Court Cards are next on the agenda, and here again Michelsen begins with establishing personal connections and then introduces the reader to elemental and astrological correspondences, along with using the cards in readings for others, as well as him- or herself.

    Michelsen leaves the Major Arcana for last. While I teach the cards in the exact opposite order, I recognize the author is moving from least to the most complex, which makes a great deal of educational sense. The fact that I am considering adopting her format instead of my own long-established one expresses the level of esteem in which I hold the author and this book. In this section, the author takes the reader on a "journey" that incorporates mythology, astrology, and history, all the while offering exercises that allow the reader to walk on his own path alongside her.

    The next section of the book encompasses features and factors of reading for others, as well as yourself. Again, Michelsen assumes no prior knowledge of tarot-specific ethics or sensibility, yet even a reader with years of experience can profit by clarifying personal guidelines. While I don't always "agree" with the author, I honor her thorough but concise approach to the various issues she explores as much as I do her insightful exercises. One example is her approach to timing, an area I prefer to leave alone in terms of the tarot. Yet I totally approve of the panoply of techniques Michelsen provides the novice reader to try and assess for himself.

    No doubt you have picked up that the author has a step-by-step, least-to-most-complex format, so you will not be shocked to learn that the last section of the book is entitled "Intermediate Reading Techniques." Here is where Michelsen covers reversals, elemental dignities, and timing techniques. The closing chapter, interestingly enough, is where many authors begin: Interpreting Tarot Readings. This is also where many potential readers end before they begin, because things haven't been broken down in digestible form. and the Celtic Cross, omnipresent in every Little White Booklet, overwhelms them to the point that the deck gets pushed into a back drawer, possibly forever.

    Surprise, surprise--the author suggests you begin with smaller spreads and then lengthen them once you have mastered the smaller sized ones--and then gives you a list of things to consider when you do both kinds of readings. The individual who has read what has come before feels prepared and confident to do all of them--even if she hasn't done every single exercise.

    I believe any novice can learn to read the tarot using just this book (and a deck). And by "learn," I don't mean merely be able to give a simple reading, but truly begin to plumb the depths of the tarot and recognize and integrate the many gifts and facets the tarot has to offer. Practice and experience will refine the reader, but there is no other book that 1) so clearly provides a structure for an individual learning experience and 2) allows you to use any tarot deck in order to have that experience and 3) synthesizes hands-on exercises so seamlessly with traditional and unique informational material. While the book title (The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish ) is fallacious (no book could completely contain everything about the tarot), it comes damn close.*

    The one advantage Marcia Masino's book has over this one is that the novice reader can look up answers to check on his or her own progress. I wish that Michelsen could have done something similar, but the open-endedness of her exercises results in individual and differing answers. One way to have assuaged the fears of the less confident readers would have been to provide sample answers from other beginners, with the caveat that each person's answer would naturally be different in numerous ways. My experience has shown me that new readers want to know they're not "doing it wrong" and need more specific and concrete assurances and repetitions that they have the right and the responsibility to make most of their own tarot-related choices.

    Even so, this will absolutely be the textbook I assign for every beginner's class I teach in the future and the first book I've seen since Tarot for Your Self that has gotten me this excited, in terms of what it can mean to beginners. The difference is that Tarot for Your Self was my entree into the world of tarot--and opened up a fresh perspective that paved the way for a book like The Complete Tarot Reader. Michelsen's book could not have been written without the existence of Tarot for Your Self and what it has wrought. In the spirit of these two books, I am grateful that tarot novices now and in the future have both options available to them.

    * The title was not the choice of the author, but the publisher.

    The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish by Teresa C. Michelsen
    Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
    ISBN#: 0738704342

    If you would like to purchase this book, click here .

    (From Overcoming Reader's Block)

    Try Alternative Approaches

    We get used to reading cards a certain way, and forget that there are many different levels on which each card can be read. One of the main causes of reader's block is relying too much on a particular idea or keyword that you have assigned to the card, which may not fit every situation. Sometimes it helps to quickly run through all these levels again, and remind yourself of alternative meanings and approaches to reading that card. There are at least five levels on which a card can be read, one of which may provide the key you need for the reading:

    Pictorial. Look carefully at the picture on the card, forget about your normal interpretation of that card, and read it very literally. Imagine the client is in the card, preoccupied with their question--what is she thinking or doing? What is happening to her? Is there anything about the scene depicted in the card that could shed light on her question?

    Symbolic. Review the colors and symbols that you see--for example, red usually means passion and action, green may mean growth and fertility, water stands for the subconscious mind, twin towers are gateways, etc. How do these recognizable features interact with what is happening to the client in the card? A boat traveling over water may mean a relatively safe journey across the subconscious mind. Pay attention to any details that stand out--like whether the water is calm or choppy and what this might say about the client's state of mind.

    Keywords. If you have a tarot journal in which you wrote keywords for each card, go back and look at all the different keywords you wrote. Often we write down as many as we can think of at first, then tend to narrow it down to a few that we use most often in our readings. If you look, you may find some you have forgotten about, which are appropriate to the situation. You may also want to try looking up the cards or symbols in your tarot books or on-line, to get other perspectives and ideas.

    Suit. Think about the suit of the card all by itself. Ask yourself whether is it appropriate to the question or what it might say about how the client is approaching the question. For example, if the client asks about love and receives only Pentacles in her reading, this alone gives you information you can use in the reading--she may be actually preoccupied with work or not feeling a strong emotional attachment in her relationships.

    Number. Also, think about the number of the card and reflect on its numerological meaning with respect to the question. What stage of the cycle does this number represent and how does that influence the interpretation? Sometimes there is a message in the reading that has more to do with repetition of a certain number (or suit) than with the individual cards. A group of reversed fours, for example, might indicate an unwillingness to leave a safe and stable situation, leading to stagnation and lack of opportunities for personal growth.

    Excerpt � 2005 Llewellyn Worldwide
    Review and page � 2005 Diane Wilkes



    Llewellyn - s Complete Book of Tarot A Comprehensive Guide

    Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Tarot A Comprehensive Guide

    Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot: A Comprehensive Guide by Anthony Louis
    2016 | ISBN: 0738749087 | English | 336 pages | EPUB | 47 MB

    Comprehensive and easy to use, Llewellyns Complete Book of Tarot contains everything you ever wanted to know about tarot. Join Anthony Louis as he explores tarot history, shares card meanings and spreads, and provides detailed guidance that educates and inspires, whether youre a beginner or an advanced reader.

    Discover basic reading techniques for a wide variety of systems, including Marseilles, Rider-Waite, and Thoth. Identify the meaning of associations, correspondences, reversals, and dignities, and experience the ways that tarot interacts with astrology and personal spirituality. Combine tarot reading with Kabbalah, numerology, Jungian psychology, journaling, and storytelling while exploring card selection, creativity, tarot ethics, and specialized spreads. Focusing on the use of tarot for insight, empowerment, self-understanding, and fortunetelling, Llewellyns Complete Book of Tarot provides centuries of accumulated wisdom that will enable you to make optimal use of one of the most powerful spiritual tools ever developed.
    Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot :A Comprehensive GuideLlewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot :A Comprehensive Guide
    Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot :A Comprehensive GuideLlewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot :A Comprehensive Guide



    Tarot - Take Your Readings to the Next Level: A Comprehensive Guide for New Readers - ISBN:9781434897176


    Take your Tarot from absolute beginner to confident, comprehensive readings, with the best education in Tarot drawn from the latest academic sources to 30 years experience. With a trained trainer, professional mentors (many trained in teaching) you are assured a fun, engaging, lively, exciting and comprehensive introduction to Tarot – and then intermediate and advanced experiences taking Tarot to whole new levels.

    Gain new friends and share experience on our comprehensive range of courses! You will soon be reading proficiently and confidently for yourself, friends, family and paying clients, assured of the highest standards and deepest approaches to the ancient arts of divination.

    NEW: Brilliant Readings with NLP (Intro)

    In this totally unique course, learn how to use NLP (language patterns) to deliver confident and powerful tarot readings. In material not covered in any book, you’ll practice easy ways of speaking that will make your readings brilliant – for you and your clients or friends! Taught by Marcus Katz, an NLP Master Practitioner and licensed trainer with 30 years experience in both NLP and Tarot, there is nothing else like this class anywhere!

    Only $24.99 for the full 60-minute video.*

    * A percentage of all registrations will go to Diabetes Research (UK).

    The CLAVIS Astrology Course

    In this simple one-year monthly course, let leading Astrologer and author Lyn Birkbeck guide you through your own chart and you will soon be reading charts for friends, family and even clients! This is a unique system for teaching Astrology designed by an Astrologer of 35 years experience and whose original texts are used in reports generated by many online astrologers! All students are invited to our CLAVIS Facebook group for mutual support and guidance from Lyn – suitable for absolute beginners!


    An incredible new look at the world’s most popular Tarot deck – and virtually every deck designed since 1909. This astonishing and unique course reveals secrets hidden in every card for almost a century. Discover why leading author Mary K. Greer has called these revelations “astonishing” and why you will never look at the tarot in the same way again.

    The Lenormand Way Class

    In this packed two-hour class, learn how to use the antique Lenormand Cards for everyday questions and reading. We have taken thirty years of teaching experience, extensive research in French and German, our discoveries and visits to the original source material for all Lenormand readers, and provided them to you in this unique class!

    Two Entire Weekend Classes on Video

    Sit in on 18 Hours of exclusive 1:1 Tarot teaching with Marcus Katz. In these unique recordings of personal teachings you will be taken through every aspect of tarot reading, whatever level of experience. Check out the page for a listing of the hundred or more tips, techniques, reading methods and skills you will learn.

    Tarosophy Master Classes: Master Class 1

    Individual Master Classes with rapid reading techniques, street tarot, practical methods for reading online and in person, unique to Tarosophy and the work of Marcus Katz.

    Tarot Life

    12 Monthly Booklets with Facebook Group support to change your life!

    Tarosophy Tarot Introduction Course

    The Outer Courtyard | 5 Modules delivered Weekly | Self-Study, Forum Support

    Tarosophy Tarot Certificate

    10 Weekly Lessons building from the introduction course and introducing five innovative methods to take your Tarot to new levels.

    Tarosophy Tarot Diploma

    Around the Tarot in 78 Days.

    Tarosophy Experiential Classes

    These unique on-line 1-week experiences take your Tarot to whole new life-changing levels.

    Tarosophist Tarot Degree-Style Program

    The most comprehensive Tarot course in the world, written from 30 years experience and the highest academic standard.

    Learning Lenormand

    In this 10-lesson course, you will learn how to confidently read the Lenormand in a variety of styles, allied with cartomantic and antique methods from European traditions.

    Introduction to the Western Esoteric Initiatory Tradition

    In this four lesson recorded course, you will discover unique and innovative insights into an authentic but secret western spiritual path.

    To ask about any of these courses now, contact Tali Goodwin at

    with same-day response guaranteed (subject to time-zones)!

    Feedback from Students :

    “One on one’ Skype is great!”

    “I am so very honored to know all of you at Tarot Professionals. Integrity intact.”

    “You are by far hands down …The Best of the Best.”

    “Connecting with you has certainly been an enriching, educational and friendly experience.”

    “All the Skype sessions I was able to take part in were extremely beneficial, the hints and tips given by Marcus were very helpful. Feedback on course work from Janine was also helpful, and it was inspiring talking with other people on the same course.”

    “This course was just what I needed to motivate me to do face to face readings. It was also extremely good value for money. The course handbook was well written and very informative but more than this, the information from Marcus by way of videos and Skype was exceptional. The spreads suggested have been an eye opener and also ways to get over a mental block when reading was helpful as that has always been what I feared the most – having a spread of cards in front of me but not be able to make sense of them. All in all this was an excellent and most enjoyable course which I would recommend to anyone interested in learning the tarot.”



    Llewellyn Worldwide - Articles: Take Your Tarot to the Next Level with Tarot & Magic

    Take Your Tarot to the Next Level with Tarot & Magic

    Your Tarot reading says that for better success you need to improve your relationships with people at work. How do you do that?

    Your Tarot reading says that you need to change the way you look at your spouse in order to strengthen your relationship. How is this possible?

    Your Tarot reading says that that things in your life will get better, but it will take time. How can you speed it up?

    For hundreds of years, Tarot readers have struggled with questions like these. Now, take your Tarot work to the next level! Discover how to answer these and similar questions, and easily come up with ways to help yourself or your clients when you get my book, Tarot & Magic .

    Tarot & Magic gives examples of how to use the Tarot to create spells, work with color and candles, and do simple and advanced rituals. The techniques given here, however, are only examples to guide you as you create your own rituals and techniques. This book gives you the knowledge and methods necessary so you can do it yourself and be empowered rather than depend upon other books. Be the master of your magic!

    But that’s just the beginning. Even if you don’t use the Tarot for readings, Tarot & Magic explains how you can use the cards for a wide variety of magical purposes. You even get the basics of magic. Learn the amazing secrets of how to use the Tarot with:

    Use the Tarot to help you with:

    • Advanced Rituals
    • Rituals with Limited Preparation
    • The Ritual of the Strange Attractor
    • Working with Your TV for Powerful Magic
    • Tools in Magical Rituals and Practices
    • Sex Magic
    • Much more

    The Highest Magic of All
    Perhaps the most important magic you can ever do is magic that will change yourself. This could be to make yourself more spiritual, better able to stand up to others, or be more open to new ideas. Tarot & Magic provides technology so you can do this and more.

    Discover the little-known technique of "Dancing the Tarot." By physically moving from a position on a card indicating where you are to one indicating how you’d like to be, you can make the changes you want in yourself. Teach others to do it, empowering them to make desired changes in their lives. The full technique, along with cards and positions to use, are described for the first time in almost twenty years in Tarot & Magic .

    Note to Tarot Readers
    Are you a professional Tarot reader? Are you thinking of becoming one? Why should a client come to you instead of others? The answer is in Tarot & Magic .

    With the secrets and techniques in this book, you will be able to provide an incredible service that competitors cannot offer. As part of your reading, you can use the cards to teach your clients how to do magic to achieve what the cards suggest. This book is a must for any Tarot reader.

    From What Is to What May Be
    Many books on magic or Tarot imply that the development of these subjects has stopped evolving, changing, and improving. Tarot & Magic shows this isn’t true and indicates a potential path toward which both of these systems may move. Most of Tarot & Magic works with traditional Tarot decks. The final chapter describes the unique Shadow Tarot of Linda Falorio and how to use her amazing and powerful system of astral projection and magic.

    Why You Need This Book
    Tarot & Magic . combined with your favorite Tarot deck, provides everything you need to know to work powerful magic. This is not because it includes every spell or ritual possible. Rather, it is because it includes all of the knowledge and techniques you need to create your own spells and rituals. It empowers you, helping you to become a better Tarot reader and a better magician.

    Whether you use the Tarot as a professional, just for yourself and friends, or have never used it before, you can make positive changes in your life and help other people improve their lives.

    Donald Michael Kraig
    Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. He also studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. After a decade of personal study and practice, he began ten years of teaching courses. Read more

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