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Schismatrix: Roman - Isbn:9783641111458

Category: Fiction

  • Book Title: Schismatrix: Roman
  • ISBN 13: 9783641111458
  • ISBN 10: 3641111455
  • Author: Bruce Sterling
  • Category: Fiction
  • Category (general): Fiction
  • Publisher: Heyne Verlag
  • Format & Number of pages: book
  • Synopsis: Roman Bruce Sterling. Friedel Wahren, übersetzt von Andreas Brandhorst, Heyne Science & Fantasy 06/4495, München 1988. 3. Schriften zur SF INTRODUCTION (1986). Deutsche Fassung: Vorwort, in »Cyberspace« von William Gibson, ...

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Lenski N

Lenski N. Failure of Empire. Valens and the Roman State in the Fourth Century A.D

Berkeley – Los Angeles – London: University of California Press, 2002. – 478 p.
ISBN 0-520-23332-8 (alk. paper)

Failure of Empire is the first comprehensive biography of the Roman emperor Valens and his troubled reign (A.D. 364–378). Valens will always be remembered for his spectacular defeat and death at the hands of the Goths in the Battle of Adrianople. This singular misfortune won him a front-row seat among history's great losers. By the time he was killed, his empire had been coming unglued for several years: the Goths had overrun the Balkans; Persians, Isaurians, and Saracens were threatening the east; the economy was in disarray; and pagans and Christians alike had been exiled, tortured, and executed in his religious persecutions. Valens had not, however, entirely failed in his job as emperor. He was an admirable administrator, a committed defender of the frontiers, and a ruler who showed remarkable sympathy for the needs of his subjects.
In lively style and rich detail, Lenski incorporates a broad range of new material, from archaeology to Gothic and Armenian sources, in a study that illuminates the social, cultural, religious, economic, administrative, and military complexities of Valens's realm. Failure of Empire offers a nuanced reconsideration of Valens the man and shows both how he applied his strengths to meet the expectations of his world and how he ultimately failed in his efforts to match limited capacities to limitless demands.

List of illustrations

The Pannonian Emperors
The Revival of Illyrian Emperorship
Pannonia …strong in men and prosperous in land
Pannonian Beginnings
The Imperial Courts: Illyrians and Professionals

The Revolt of Procopius Procopius’s Uprising
Valens and the Ideal Emperor
The Long Shadow of Constantin
A Changing of the Guard: Punishment and Concessions

Valens’s First Gothic War
The Goths in the Fourth Century
The Gothic War of 367–69
Some Principles of Late Roman Foreign Policy
Dynastic Shifts and Roman Provocation

Valens and the Eastern Frontier Romano-Persian Relations, A.D. 298–363
Valens’s Relations with Persia, Armenia, and Iberia
Festus and Eutropius: Historical Propaganda and the Eastern Frontier
Bandits and Barbarians of the East: Valens and the Maratocupreni, Isaurians, and Saracens

Religion under the Valentiniani Valentinian, Valens, and the Pagans
The Magic Trials of Rome and Antioch
Chaos and Toleration: The Arian Crisis and Valentinian’s Response
Autocracy and Persecution: Valens’s Response to the Arian Crisis

Administration and Finance under Valentinian and Valens
The Interrelation of Valentinian’s and Valens’s Legislation
Paramount Concerns: Corruption, Civic Administration, the Masses, and Agriculture
Economics and Finance under the Valentiniani
Recruiting Laws and Military Manpower

The Disaster at Adrianople
The Gothic Immigration of 376
The Collapse of the Gothic Settlement and the Disaster at Adrianople
The Reasons for the Collapse of the Gothic Settlement
The Reasons for the Disaster at Adrianople

Appendix A. Datable Evidence for Valentinianic Fortiflcations
Appendix B. Shapur’s Administrative Structures in Armenia
Appendix C. Natural Disasters and the Reign of Valens
Appendix D. Civic Structures Built under Imperial Sponsorship, A.D. 364–378
Bibliography primary sources
Secondary sources




Schismatrix: Roman - ISBN:9783641111458


Infobox Book |
name = Schismatrix

image_caption = Cover of first edition (hardcover)
author = Bruce Sterling
cover_artist = Ron Walotsky
country = United States
language = English
genre = Science fiction novel
publisher = Arbor House Publishing Company
release_date = June 1985
media_type = Print (Hardback & Paperback )
pages = 288 pp (Hardcover)
isbn = ISBN 0-87795-645-6

"Schismatrix " (Pron-en|skɪˈzmætrɪks "Schismatrix Plus", 1995, page viii. ] ) is a science fiction novel by Bruce Sterling. originally published in 1985. The story was Sterling's only novel-length treatment of the Shaper/Mechanist universe. Five short stories preceded the novel. "Schismatrix" was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1985.

The main character, Abelard Lindsay, is born in the ancient lunar colony "Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic", into a family of aristocratic Mechanists, but after being sent to the Shaper’s Ring Council, he receives specialized and experimental diplomatic training and gives his loyalty to the Shapers' cause. He, his best friend and fellow Shaper protege Philip Constantine and the beautiful and passionate Preservationist Vera Kelland lead an insurgency against the rulers of the republic, who use Mechanist technology to prolong their lives. The three of them influence the younger generation towards the Shapers' cause in their pursuit of Preservationism, a movement devoted to the preservation of earth-bound human culture. Kelland and Lindsay agree to kill themselves as a political statement, but Lindsay reneges on his suicide pact after Kelland is dead. Constantine attempts to kill Lindsay but instead kills a Mechanist, creating a scandal.

Constantine is allowed to remain in the Republic because his knowledge is needed to keep the Republic's environment from self-destructing but Lindsay is exiled to the "Mare Tranquilitatis Circumlunar People's Zaibatsu". This lunar colony, which collapsed due to an environmental crisis, has become a refuge for "sundogs", criminals, dissidents and wanderers. There he meets Kitsune, a woman modified by the Shapers to be an ideal prostitute. Apparently a servant of the "Geisha Bank", a powerful money center, she in fact rules the bank through the remotely operated body of her now brain-dead predecessor. In his months on the Zaibatsu, Lindsay uses his diplomatic talents to organize a complex fraud involving a fictitious theatrical event and befriends an old Mechanist, Fyodor Ryumin. However, eventually the fraud takes on a life of its own, and the new-formed "Kabuki Intrasolar" becomes a legitimate artistic and business venture. Lindsay can't remain to enjoy the profits, though: Constantine has in the meantime overthrown the Corporate Republic's government. Constantine has abandoned Preservationism to become a Shaper militant, and sends an assassin to present a stark choice: become Constantine's pawn or be killed by the assassin. Lindsay manages to escape with a group of Mechanist pirates, in the process aiding Kitsune to take power of the Geisha Bank openly.

Lindsay joins a ship called the "Red Consensus", which doubles as the nation-state of the "Fortuna Miners' Democracy", after the failure of the previously independent asteroid-mining Mechanist cartel. The FMD, financed by more wealthy Mechanists cartels, annexes the asteroid "Esairs XII", home to the Mavrides family, a small shaper clan. Lindsay meets Nora Mavrides, a fellow diplomat. Nora informs Abelard that the subjects of the diplomatic training are in disgrace due to the high incidents of treason and defection from their ranks. The two of them work to promote peaceful coexistence between the Shaper militants and the Mechanist pirates, but after several months of conflict, espionage, murders and sabotages, open fighting breaks out. Mavrides and Lindsay, now lovers, eventually murder their companions to save one another. Before the asteroid's life system dies from the battle, the alien "Investors" arrive.

Peace finally comes to the Schismatrix after the aliens arrive. The alien Investors are obsessed with trade and wealth, and at first encourage humanity to focus on business instead of war. Trade flourishes and the Shapers and Mechanists put their differences aside. Lindsay and Mavrides become powerful Shaper leaders, thanks to their early contact with the Investors. The "Investor Peace" does not last forever, though, and tensions between Shapers and Mechanists eventually start to rise when the Investors play the factions against one another. Ultimately Philip Constantine rises to power and takes control of the Ring Council, ousting Mavride's and Lindsay's pro- détente faction. Lindsay runs away from what he sees as a hopeless battle, but Nora decides to stay in the Rings, where they had built their lives and family, to fight Constantine and his militant government.

Lindsay escapes to the Mechanist cartels in the asteroid belt, where Kitsune has again secretly taken power. There Lindsay works ceaselessly for decades to bring about the detente he believes will reunite him with Mavrides. Using a recording of an Investor's ship queen involved in some taboo activities to blackmail the alien, Lindsay contributes to the creation of Cicada Kluster, neither Shaper nor Mechanist, which quickly becomes one of the richest and most powerful states in the solar system. Lindsay's partner, Wellspring, plans to use the colony to promote his post-humanist ideology, while Lindsay himself seeks to bring Nora to the new colony. However, Constantine discovers Mavride's plan to defect and forces her to kill herself. Consumed with hatred, Lindsay for the first time confronts his former friend directly, arranging a duel with him using an ancient alien artifact called the Arena. While Lindsay wins, the Arena leaves both him and Constantine catatonic.

Years after the duel, Lindsay wakes up on his old home, now renamed the "Neotenic Cultural Republic". Constantine's militant Shaperism has been replaced by a Preservationist government, dedicated to remaining a cultural preserve where normal, unmodified human life is preserved. As part of the treatment that restored Lindsay's mind, his original Shaper diplomatic training has been removed. Having returned to a Preservationist world, and now restored to a fully human state, Lindsay decides to break with his past and embrace new dreams. He becomes a post-humanist and returns to Cicada Kluster to work with Wellspring. While Wellspring seeks to terraform Mars, Lindsay attempts to create an abyssal ecology on Europa. Constantine's Shaper family has been disgraced by Constantine's defeat, and Lindsay manages to convert them to his cause, even Constantine's "daughter" Vera (created from DNA taken from Vera Kelland decades before). As time goes on, eventually Cicada Kluster, in its turn, faces social collapse. With his Lifesiders faction's research still in its infancy, Lindsay and Vera Constantine secretly break the Interdict and bring back samples of Earth's abyssal life, providing the breakthroughs that make the Europa project a success.

As the Lifesiders transform themselves into fish-like forms capable of survival in Europa's oceans, Lindsay visits the now-cured Phillip Constantine. Constantine believes that Lindsay will never see Europa, that he will leave in the end rather than see his cause through to fruition, just as he always had. He also reveals that Vera's DNA comes as much from Lindsay as Vera. Phillip reconciles with Abelard, then commits suicide.

When Lindsay returns to Europa, he finds that Phillip is right-- he can't bring himself to undergo the transformation. At that moment, an alien Presence, who had followed Vera Constantine since her mission in an alien embassy, reveals itself. The being explains that it has been devoted to exploring and exulting in the variety of experiences of the universe, and invites Lindsay to join it. Lindsay accepts and is transformed into a bodiless form, to explore the infinite mysteries of the universe for eternity.

Characters in "Schismatrix"

* Alexandrina. Lindsay’s first wife. An aristocratic Mechanist much older than him.
* Abelard Malcolm Tyler Lindsay. Born a Mechanist, he trains with the Shapers and defects to their side. He is a smooth talking Sundog who cannot stay in one place for long.
* Vera Kelland. Aristocrat who also trained with Lindsay and Constantine. She commits suicide in an attempt to defy the aristocratic Republic that she and Lindsay come from.
* Philip Khouri Constantine. Former friend of Lindsay. Becomes obsessed with obtaining power and tries to bring power to the Shapers through radical means.
* Kitsune. Head of the Geisha Bank. Becomes an entire ecosystem that consists entirely of her skin and body parts.
* Nora Mavrides. Lindsay’s second wife. She believes deeply in the Shaper cause and chooses to fight the Mechanists when they begin to attack her state even when the situation is hopeless.
* Vera Constantine. Shaper daughter of Philip Constantine, cloned from genetic material of Vera Kelland.
* Investors. Massive reptilian-esque aliens, interstellar traders who closely guard the secret of their starflight. Charge excessive fares for 'humanity' to travel to other star systems to visit and study the nineteen known alien species.

*Shapers. Group that alters the body through genetic modification and specialized mental training. They originate from the colonies orbiting Jupiter and Saturn .
*Mechanists. Group that modifies bodies through computer software and external alterations. The Mechanists have been at war with the Shapers for decades, fighting over whose technology is more powerful and efficient. They originate from the asteroid belt 's colonies.
*Investors. Dinosaur-like aliens obsessed exclusively with money and wealth.
*Moondocks. A derisive nickname for the Circumlunar habitats which were the first centers of life in space. They are now considered obsolete relics.
*Schismatrix. the system that includes the entire Shaper/Mechanist universe. The term is meant to encompass the myriad modes of human existence, from cybernetics to genetic modifications.
*Sundog. Someone who lives a nomadic existence on the edge of the law. Some are sundogs by choice, some have the life forced on them through political exile or economic ruin.
*Wirehead. A person who ignores or has abandoned his physical body in favor of permanent virtual reality.
*Lobster. A mechanist faction which permanently installs their bodies into spacesuits so that they can live in the vacuum of space.
*Looks. A language of facial expressions. To an untrained observer, they appear to be an endless series of sidelong glances.
*Geneline. A political family structure used by Shapers. Genelines trade genetic material, power, money and influence with one another as part of the subtle interplay of Shaper politics.
*Unplanned. A Shaper epithet for humans born naturally. Typically, such beings are unmodified genetically-- but all such people are considered inferior.

*Preservationism. Contends that technology is destroying the essence of humanity. Places strict limits on anti-human technologies, advocates study of human art and history, and even for some the end of the Interdict with Earth.
*Detente. Belief that in the face of alien contact that humanity should present a united front. Followers of detente called for increased cooperation and contact between Shapers and Mechanists. Detente ended with renewed war and the rise of the Cataclysts.
*Militarism. Belief that one's own faction must be advanced by any means necessary, especially force. Typically this was the viewpoint that drove the wars between Shapers and Mechanists, driven by each factions' innate view of its superiority.
*Cataclysm. This ideology was first promulgated by the Superbrights. It demanded an end to artificial social controls and destruction of authority. Eventually devolved into terrorism and resulted in lingering animosity towards the Superbrights.
*Zen Serotonin. Zen Serotonin centered on the destructive effects of rapid technological advance. It demanded restrictions on technological advance and greater emphasis on social order. Followers of the Unmovement (as they sometimes called it) wore biomonitors that artificially maintained a sense of serene calm.
*Galacticism. A belief that mere loyalty to species was obsolete, and worked for faster than light technologies, interstellar colonization and increased contact with aliens. While not inherently militant, the resources required to pursue these goals demanded major faction support and so indirectly increased militarism as Shaper and Mechanist Galacticists competed with one another.
*Post-Humanism. Post-humanists believe in Prigogenic Levels of Complexity and its surrounding philosophy and science. Sterling only hints at many of the tenets of post-humanism, but a key goal of post-humanists is terraforming, which they consider to be a primal duty of intelligent beings. Post-humanists are supporters of detente. Wellspring is a key ideologue for the post-humanist philosophy.

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010 .



Schismatrix by Bruce Sterling



The Mechanists are ancient aristocrats, their lives prosthetically extended with advanced technology. The Shapers are genetically altered revolutionaries, their skills the result of psychotechnicMore THE FUTURE OF MANKIND CAN TAKE ONE OF TWO DIRECTIONS.

The Mechanists are ancient aristocrats, their lives prosthetically extended with advanced technology. The Shapers are genetically altered revolutionaries, their skills the result of psychotechnic training and artificial conditioning.

Both factions are fighting to control the Schismatrix of humankind.

The Shapers are losing the battle, but Abelard Lindsay--a failed and exiled Shaper diplomat--isn't giving up. Across the galaxy, Lindsay moves from world to world, building empires, struggling for his cause--but more often fighting for his life.

He is a rebel and a rogue, a pirate and a politician, a soldier and a scholar. He can alter the direction of man's destiny--if he can survive..

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Community Reviews

David rated it it was amazing

almost 6 years ago

At times, my mind would wander while reading Schismatrix. But not in the usual way wherein a thought much more interesting than what's on the page enters my head. Instead, I found myself often just musing about the ideas I'd just read a paragraph ago or even earlier in th. Read full review

John rated it it was amazing

over 6 years ago

The only other book I've read that comes at all close to kinship with this fascinating space epic is Stross's 2005 Accelerando. which appears to have been influenced both indirectly (in form & style) and directly (posthumanism & lobters!) by Schismatrix, which pre. Read full review

Adam rated it it was amazing

over 6 years ago

I had written Bruce Sterling off as a relic of the cyberpunk era, big mistake. The wow factor is pretty big on this. Mind mutating, WTF, idea per sentence science fiction with shades at time of Bester, Triptree jr. Delaney, Barrington J. Bailey(who blurbs it) William S. B. Read full review

Matt rated it liked it

about 8 years ago

I read this due to a recommendation at the end of Alastair Reynolds' Galactic North. I thought it was pretty good, but definitely more intellectually stimulating than entertaining. He has some pretty fascinating ideas, although the overall plot itself is a little lacklust. Read full review

Sarah B. rated it really liked it

over 2 years ago

I picked up this book because I couldn't remember it from the first time I had read it, twenty years ago. I needed a bathtub book (one that I wouldn't mind if it fell in the water), and I wanted to decide if I should keep it on my shelf or pass it on. Within the first thi. Read full review

Olethros rated it liked it

over 2 years ago

-Innovador en su momento, pero pocos se dieron cuenta.-

Lo que nos cuenta. Abelard Lindsay es un formista (o formador en otras ediciones) desterrado a la Luna en la que rápidamente debe usar su ingenio y su “formación”, nunca mejor dicho, en diploma. Read full review

Ben Loory rated it it was ok

almost 4 years ago

been meaning to read this for a really, really, REALLY long time. finally got around to it. i was expecting cyperpunk but it's not, it's far-future space opera; feels a lot like varley's The Ophiuchi Hotline. only a lot longer and not as much fun. the ideas are great (a. Read full review

Gary rated it really liked it

almost 6 years ago

Sterling's highly detailed future Worlds and Races reminds me of Iain M. Banks at his best in the Culture novels. There's usually a large dose of social critique in Sterling's books and this is no exception with it's interspecies animosity and interaction having parallels. Read full review

Chip rated it it was ok

almost 3 years ago

A very difficult book to get through. And honestly not a well written because the book's ideas are all over the place and near impossible to figure out what is going on. It took me almost the entire book to unravel the main premise was two cousins with different philosoph. Read full review

Jeremy Hornik rated it it was ok

over 4 years ago

Eh. Hard science sci-fi with a psychedelic edge. Mechs versus shapers in a diplomatic battle for the something or other. Covers centuries, feels like it took months to slog through.

I'm reading it twenty-five years too late.



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I laugh often and the entire time I'm reading I'm smiling, feeling the freedom of childhood.On the very first page, we get:Axe cop Schismatrix saw a cup of water sitting at the next tabl. I know why they rank so high on my “must read” list; they are excellen..I laughed and had to share with my Schismatrix friend a few of the funny quirk. I laughed almost the whole way through this boo..I laughed, I cried, I felt dearly for the disadvantaged McCourt family that struggled against all odds.The memoir borrows heavily from the art of realism -- as tales of impoverished childhoods Schismatrix usually ar. I laughed with the characters and found myself near tears at some points of the boo..I laughed with them, I cried with them, and I rejoiced Schismatrix with them throughout their journey until the very en. I laughed, I cried, and there were a few genuinely shocking moments in thi.

Schismatrix download

I know! Me too! After reading the synopsis instant Vampire Knight came up and it Schismatrix kinda sounded like a rip-off of it, but tempting. I laughed and cried at this one :).I know who Tack is Schismatrix and I loved hi. I laughed and cried and was smiling at the en..Schismatrix I laughed that har. I know what you're going to sa..I Schismatrix know you're gonna love it. I laughed at their descriptions of the bathing costumes and Orlando's embarrassment in disrobing outside of his room (even though he would be merely taking off the clothes on top of the bathing outfit).

I laughed out loud at their very 'normal' antics and often found myself with a wide grin, followed by white knuckles at dramatic and tense moments.We don't see as much of Schismatrix Remy's siblings in part thre. I know, this has nothing to do with "ASBO. ", but after reading the story, a person may want to reconsider taking action the next time somebody pisses you off.In "ASBO: A Novel of Extreme Terror", Andrew and his family are targeted by a group of young thugs who are led by a psychological disturbed teenager, who is recently released from a youth priso..I know when i started reading it i couldnt stop cause Schismatrix it was so goo. I know, sounds kind of like an oxymoron, but it was mysterious and cute :).I just loved Adr..I know, the idea Schismatrix is to hold the enemy at Nightmare Ridge; but it just feels like the person writing the account of one of the most important events in Midkemian history was perhaps looking the other way when it happened.And this is where I'm going to go slightly off rang. I laughed my way through the first third of the book, but as the page numbers ascended, I lost interest in the dialogue, plot, and character..I laughed my Schismatrix head off whenever reading the stories of Angelic. I know, it's a great read. Pages: NA. ISBN: 397. Format: pdf, epub, fb2, txt

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    Step 3: Create an ISBN Barcode Image for the Book

    The complete 13-digit ISBN number is to be displayed on the book, above the ISBN barcode, in the IDAutomationOCRa font, which is part of the OCR Font Package.

    The ISBN-13 barcode that appears below the ISBN number is created by encoding an EAN13 barcode type directly with the first 12 digits of the ISBN-13 number as shown in Fig 1. The ISBN-10 barcode is formed by appending the first 9 digits of the ISBN number to 978*.

    For example, an ISBN number of 0-9767736-6-X would be encoded in EAN-13 as 978 097677366. After agencies run out of numbers allocated to the 978 prefix, they will begin using EAN13 barcodes preceded by 979.

    When the ISBN number is encoded in the EAN-13 barcode, it is often called a Bookland barcode. A Supplemental 5-digit add-on barcode is optional and can contain the price of the book or periodical. The price is encoded by appending a 4-digit number to the currency number - use 0 for the British Pound and 5 for the U.S. Dollar. For example, if the book sells for 10.50 in USD, encode 51050 in the 5-digit add-on. A supplemental code of 90000 indicates that the book has no suggested retail price. Supplemental numbers in the range 90001 to 98999 may be used by publishers for internal purposes. Complimentary copies of books are marked 99991. The National Association of College Stores uses 99990 to mark used books.

    Fig 1.Encoding ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 numbers in the EAN-13 barcode.



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