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Budala U Hristu Emanuel Kvint - Isbn:9788683425297

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  • Book Title: Budala u Hristu Emanuel Kvint
  • ISBN 13: 9788683425297
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  • Author: Gerhart Hauptman, Hans Hildebrand
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Another description

Vedas and Yoga were created by Russians on Vimanas

Sanskrit and Russian: Ancient kinship

Archeologists found this armour in Egypt in the graves of the so-called hyksos or Scythians, in Urals, Siberia, North China, India, and Americas. These graves have mummies with blonde hair, and very characteristic remains of the ritualistic sacrifices of horses. The clay artifacts are all covered with swastikas. All these graves are undoubtedly of the same origin. And this origin is Russian. Only Russians made this kind of armour. This armour is Russian national legacy. Hyksos / Giksaks or Scythians / Saks / Kas-Saks / Kazaks-Cossacks should be properly called Russians.

Russians (Hyksos / Gik-Saks / Kas-Saks / Kazaks-Cossacks) brought culture to Egypt. They taught Egyptians agriculture, metallurgy, building, and brought horses and chariots to Africa. That is why rye is the sacred plant of Egypt, though rye is a Northern plant, which does not grow in Egypt, because for its ripening, it needs long Northern days of summer. The mummies of the first Egyptian pharaohs have blonde hair and distinctively Russian features. The statues of the early Pharaohs and their high ranking officials and aristocratic women and men have blue and light green eyes and light skin, covered with ochre as a sun-block.

Brahmans (called “Brahmins” by Anglo-Saxons) preserved their white skin and blue eyes over the millennia. Some Brahman communities are more Russian, than others, for example, the Chitpavan, Chitpawan, or Konkanastha Brahmans of Konkan, the coastal belt of Maharashtra, karnataka. Sometimes they are referred to as Kobra (short for KO-nkanastha BRA-hmin). But more than blue eyes, Brahmans preserved their memory of Russia as the most sacred tradition in their rituals. (http://www.pbase.com/image/110109182 )

Brahmans, the highest caste in India, according to tradition, must sign their marital contracts on the bark of a birch, which is the Russian tree, and does not grow in India. The entire wedding ceremony must take place under the branches of a birch. Birch is brought from North India, from a great height of the Himalayas.

And the groom asks the bride: “Do you see the North Star (which is properly called the Northern Pole Star)?” To which she must answer “Yes!” — Although the Northern Pole Star is not visible in India. It is visible in the north of Russia. Bride’s answer is supposed to mean: “Yes, I remember that we are Russians, and that we came from the North – from the country, where we could see the North Star”.

Sanskrit has always been a dead language in India, but Russians are still speaking Sanskrit. According to the expertise of Sanskritologists from India, Russians are speaking the archaic form of Sanskrit — the language of Indian Gods. Russian is identical to Sanskrit at 70%. And in the far north of Russia, Russian is identical to Sanskrit for 100%. “Veda” is a Russian word from the verb “vedat’”, meaning “to know.” I recommend the lecture by Svetlana Zharnikova “Russian Sanscrit”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZnNFBKubCE

At the end of this essay, I publish the extract from the article by Durga Prasad Shastri, the well-known Sanskritologist of India, who visited Russia in the early 1960s. According to his expertise, Russian is the language which is most close to Sanskrit, and not only in semantics, but also in the structure of words, style, grammar and syntax. He was able to start speaking Russian after being in Moscow only for 2 weeks. I also publish the short list of some Russian words that are identical to Sanskrit words.

Russian-Aryans came to India from the North — from their colony on the North Pole, called Ariana / Aryana / Yaryana, Arktika (Arctic) and Hiperborea. I recommend a seminal monograph by Brahman Bal Gangadhar Tilak “The Arctic Home in the Vedas” (1903), which irrefutably proves that the “Vedas” were written by Russian-Aryans who came to Indostan from the Russian Arctic north.

Arktika (the Arctic) was founded by Russian-Aryan ancient astronauts. The Arctic (Arktika) is the teleportation portal of the wave torus for this planet. Antarctida / Antarctica is also a teleportation portal, only the “antipode” (“opposite”), so that the south pole is called the “Anti-Arctica.” Journey into deep space (cosmos) and between dimensions cannot be done on the spacecraft, as we are literally “made of” the electro-magnetic field of our planet, and when we go far from it, our bodies and our ships get destroyed. Journey into deep space (cosmos) and between dimensions is only possible through the teleportation portals, that is, through the poles of the wave torus of our planet.

Read more about the Russian Arctic (Arktika), as the teleportation portal of our planet, in my essay:

13,500 years ago, there was a global war, which left Russian-Aryan megalithic cities in Siberia and Urals in ruins, melted by plasma weapons. Lakes in Karelia still show radiation from the use of the ancient nuclear weapons. The axis of the Earth moved, causing the Ice Age. The Ice Age was distributed not horizontally, but vertically, which is well established by geologists. The entire Europe was under ice for millennia, while the North Russia had the climate of the modern Southern Greece. All whites lived on the territory of Russia and spoke Russian. This fact is also supported by the Scandinavian Epos “Edda”, which says that Swedes (“Svety” from the Russian word “Svet” for light) originally lived on the territory of Russia, above the Aral (Aryan) Sea in the “Great Sweden (Svetia)”. There, Edda says, Swedes were taught wisdom by the older Russian-Aryan tribes before Swedes (Svety) went to the North to found the “Little Sweden (Svetia)”. Russian-Aryans came to India twice.

Russian-Aryans left Indostan, because negroes from the South were cannibals, who justified their cannibalism by the rituals of human sacrifice to their Moon Gods. Negroes opposed their Moon Gods, or the gods of the Dark, to the Russian-Aryan Sun God “Ra”, the god of the Light. Negroes believed that by eating white men, they would acquire their smarts. The image of the Black Mother Kali-ma (Koli-ma) is the symbol of the genocide that blacks waged against whites in India, Africa and America, and which is documented in the doctrine of the global genocide in the Talmud by the true Tanakh / Old Testament Jews who were negroes from the Ethiopian Tribe of Seth, which also calls itself the Tribe of Judah.

Black Kali-ma was killing and eating the white blue-eyed Russian Cossacks (Kazak / Cassak / Kas-Sak / Scythians-Saks / Sax) in Indostan. The iconic images of black “goddess” depict how she tremples a white man with her foot. She cuts white men’s heads and arms, and wears neckless made of heads and arms of white men. We can identify the white man as a Russian Cossack / Kazak, because only Russian Cossacks were wearing such long mustache. Cossacks/ Kazaks were the Russian-Aryan military, self-organized for the protection of Russian-Aryan tribes.

The very name of Kali-ma or Black Mother is of Russian origin. “Ma” is “mama” in Russian. And “Kali” is “Koli”, which means to pierce with a sword, which we see in her right hand. Land of Russian-Aryan Kazaks (Cossack / Cassak), called Indostan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Kazakstan, Turkistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan — all have the Russian word “stan” as a root, which means the place of staying for the Russian-Aryan Cossasack / Cassak / Kazak Hordes. English word “stay” is derived from the Russian word “stan”. And English word “order” is derived from the Russian-Aryan / Cossack / Cassak / Kazak word “horde” (“orda”).

The iconic image of Koli-ma depicts a negroid woman holding the severed head of a Russian Cossack / Kazak. It is clear that the tradition of wearing the severed heads and arms emerged as a logical consequence of cannibalism, since heads and arms could not be consumed by cannibals as food, and were used by cannibals as symbols of victory over their victims. Thus, the very tradition of beheading emerged as a logical consequence of cannibalism. Cutting off the head of an enemy is the Negroid tradition of Kali-ma documented not only in the iconic depictions of Kali-ma herself, but also in the Old Testament created by the Negroid Tribe of Seth from the Land of Seth (Upper Egypt), e.g. Judith cutting off the head of Holofernes. For sure, the beheading of St. John The Baptist by Salome testifies to the Negroid origin of the New Testament as well.

Judeo-communists of the Soviet Union attempted the complete extermination of Russian Cossacks after the Judeo-communist revolution of 1917. This was evidently the order by Chabad with its agenda to rebuild Khazaria. “Cossack” is spelled “Kazak” in Russian. And KazakH-stan was KazaK-stan, i.e. the land of Kazaks — Kazak’s Stan / the Stan of Kazaks. Judeo-communists attempted the extermination of the very cultural legacy of Cossacks / Kazaks. They established the fake and non-existent nation of Kazakhs-mongoloids in the fake and non-existent Republic of Kazakhstan. Lenin established the nation of mongoloid Kazakhs in his decree of 1924. Before that moment, there was no such nation, and no such state. Before that, Mongoloids were in absolute minority on that land.

Importantly, the Kazakhs themselves pronounce their name as “kazaK” with “k” and not “h” even now. And in Russia, luckily, Kazaks survived the genocide by the Judeo-Communists. They live all over Russia, and they are not Mongoloids. They are Russian-Aryans. Before the Judeo-Communist Revolution of 1917 in Russia, there were no such a word as “Kazah”. All Mongoloids were called “Kirghiz” / “Kirgyz”. They were ethnically and genetically Chinese, called “Uyghurs,” from the North China. Characteristically, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the current President of Kazakhstan (KazaHstan), brings Uyghurs from China in order to populate the Northern Kazakhstan, where Russian-Aryans were ethnically cleansed.

The fake nation of “Kazahs” was supposed to become the substitute for the real nation of Russian-Aryan Kazaks, and to erase even a memory that such people as Russian Kazaks ever existed and had that land. The land of Southern Urals and modern Kazakhstan is the land of our ancient Russian-Aryan swastika cities and burials of our ancestors. During the Ice Age, we lived in the narrow belt over the Black Sea, Kaspian Sea, Aral Sea and in Southern Siberia and Northern China. Southern Urals had our major ancient aerospace stations (cosmodromes).

Khazarian Chabad via its Judeo-communist proxies did the same thing to Ukraine, another part of the ancient Kazak Empire of Russian-Aryans. Judeo-communist Vladimir Lenin (Blank) established the fake and non-existent nation of “Ukrainians” in the fake and non-existent Republic of Ukraine by his decree of 1922. Before that, there was no such state and no such nation. This territory was always the part of Russia. It was called “Malorossiya” or “Small Russia”, and its dialect was a variation of Russian language. The Medieval Russia started as Kiev’s Rus’, established by Russian Rurikid Prince from Novgorod (North Russia) (Rarog Falcon / Phoenix). That is why Kiev is called the Mother of Russian Cities. The history of Medieval Russia was the history of its fight with Khazaria and its victory over Khazaria in the 10th century. Now, Chabad undertakes the same ethnical cleansing of Russian-Aryans and cultural genocide, as was done in Kazakhstan over the 20th century. Please refer to my two essays on this topic:

Russian-Aryans lived in Palestine before the Old Testament Negroid Jews.

It is easy to understand who Hyksos were, since they lived very close to Egypt, in the Fertile Crescent and surrounding lands, i.e. Aramea and Samaria or the present-day Palestine and Syria. Ara-ma is literally “the Land of Aryan Mama”. Syria is literally Russia, since it is pronounced “Sur-ia” and properly read from right to left to make it “Rus-ia”. And there is the river “Sura” in the Ulyanovsk region of Russia, tributary of the Volga River (called “Ra” in the ancient times).

The Fertile Crescent was the forepost of Russian-Aryans on the Eurasian continent, right next to Africa. That was the ground for the never stopping battle between the white Russian-Aryans and the Ethiopian negroes who were trying to get hold of the Fertile Crescent, since Ethiopia was the land of famine. Negroes were crossing the Red Sea in the most narrow strait between Ethiopia and Sinai, called the Sea of Reeds, so shallow it is. That is all that there is for the fairy tale in the Old Testament about the Red Sea miraculously letting the Tribe of Judah escape the Egyptian captivity. The fertile grounds on the Nile river were occupied by Egyptians. And the Tribe of Seth / the Tribe of Judah was regularly pillaging the villages and cities of the whites in search for bread and women.

This earthenware plate was found in Northern Syria. Its age is 6,000 years. Swastika pattern on this plate is absolutely identical to the swastika patterns of pottery by early Greeks, who came to the territory of Greece from the territory of Russia. They were Russian-Aryans. This plate, which is more than 6 thousand years old, is the clear evidence that we, Russian-Aryans, lived in Palestine BEFORE the Old Testament Jews, who were negroid Ethiopians from the tribe of Seth (which also calls itself the Tribe of Judah), and who came to Aramea (the land of Aryan Mother) as invaders. This Swastika plate confirms that Urusalim, now called Jerusalem by the Turkic / Mongoloid Khazars, was a Russian-Aryan city. This is also confirmed by the very name of the city. Locals still call the city “Urusalim”. “Alim” means ” teacher.” And the name of “U-rus-Alim ” literally means “the city of Russian Teacher,” that is, the Magus (“Volhv” in Russian). That is why the Magi (Volhvs) were called to bless “the birth of Christ,” that is, the birth of “a new teacher.”

Negroes from the Tribe of Seth / the Tribe of Judah were so primitive that they were not even capable of creating their own written language, and used the Russian-Aryan alphabet (runes) to create their written language Hebrew. So-called Paleo-Hebrew was written down with Russian alphabet. Later, the Classical Hebrew was written down with Assyrian alphabet, which itself is a derivative from the Russian-Aryan alphabet. Please refer to my other essay on this topic:

Hyksos are Russian-Aryans. “Hyksos” is properly pronounced “Gik-Sak” / “Kas-Sak” (vowels were not recorded, and consonants “s” and “k” are transliterated incorrectly in the word “Hyksos”). Scythians were calling themselves “Sak” / “Kas-Sak” / “Kazak”. Hyksos or Russian-Aryans are wearing Togas or Sari / Sarafans (in Russian).

Russian-Aryans were wearing Togas or Sari / Sarafans in India, America, Ancient Greece, Etruscan civilization (which called itself Rasna or Rasenna, i.e. Russia; “Etrusc” literally means “eto Russkiy” / “this is Russian”), Ancient Rome, and are wearing this kind of clothing till now. Russian Sarafan is the Russian National Costume.

Hyksos or Russian-Aryan Togas or Sari / Sarafans (in Russian) have characteristic swastika ornaments. The patterns on their sari / sarafans or togas either have Swastika as their major element or are Swastika-based. Russian National Costume has Swastika as its main ornamental motif.

These Swastika patterns are identical to the Swastika patterns on the pottery found in Egypt (hyksos burials), Aramea and Samaria (including modern Syria and Palestine), italy (Etruscan culture), Greece, Crete, and the entire Russian Empire (including modern Ukraine, Kazakhstan and all parts of modern Russian Federation – from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, such as the Far East of Russia, Siberia, and Urals. Most intensely, the same Swastika patterns are found in the Far-North of Russia — as the Russian National ornament on Russian National Costume, home utensils, such as table cloth and towels, and in the National Russian ornaments on wooden houses. Also, the Swastika pattern is the foundation for the Russian-Aryan architecture, as we see in the Russian city of Arkaim – the famous “Swastika City”.

Notably, this Swastika patterns on the Hyksos/Kas-Sak/Kazak sari and on the Russian National Costume “Sarafan” are identical to the patterns on the famous Sammara Plate (4,000 BC, Pergamon Museum in Berlin), found in Syria. Samarra Plate belongs to the Samarra culture, which is dated 5,500–4,800 BCE. (By the way, this means that the plate should be dated earlier than 4,000 BC). That is why the Plate is called “Samarra Plate”. The plates identical to the Samarra Plate are found across the Urals and Siberia. Moreover, there are geographical locations in Russia called with the name Samara. There is a river Samara in the Urals and the city of Samara on the major Russian river Volga, in the location of the confluence of Samara river with Volga river.

In the ancient times, Volga was called “RA.” The river Samara in the Urals flows near Arkaim, the Swastika City, which is dated 3,000 BC. This archeological and linguistic evidence confirms that the Samarra Plate from the Northern Syria, Russian River Samara and the city of Samara belong to the same culture — Samarra Culture. Clearly, Arkaim should be dated not 3,000 BC, but much earlier, and precisely with the time of Samarra culture, to which it belongs — 5,500-4,800 BC, since Russian-Aryans were initially moving from the North (Russian Arctic) to the South, and not vice versa.

The word “Urals”, where the river Samara flows, literally means “U-RA-l”, that is, “near RA” in Russian. The word “Samara” means “Sama-RA”, that is, “RA itself”. The name Samara for the river in the Urals designated the spread of the Russian-Aryan culture over the vast territories from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The name Sama-RA means that while European part of Russia has its River RA – Volga, so does the Asian part of Russia has its own river RA, which is called “Sama-RA”, that is, “itself RA” or “also RA”.

I spent every summer of my childhood on the river Sak-Ma-RA near Arkaim. Sak-Ma-Ra literally means “the Sak /Scythian Mother of Ra/Sun”.

It is not for nothing that Russian-Aryans / Hyksos were wearing clothing covered with Swastikas. Swastika is the Sun Symbol – the Symbol of RA. it was Russian-Aryans who brought to Egypt the worship of the Sun RA from the river “RA” / Volga. Russian-Aryan Hyksos / Ka-Saks / Kazaks came to Egypt from Syria – from the Samara culture, which is identical to the Samara culture in the Urals, Siberia and in the Russian Far North. And Hyksos came to Syria from the territory of Russia.

The Russian word “Sa-RA-fan” is closer in its phonetics to the meaning of wearing Swastika Ra on one’s dress, than the Hindu word “sari”.

The similarity of the graves, artifacts, clothing, armor, and, especially, the megalithic buildings, which Russian-Aryans built over the globe (including Pyramids in the North China, Mesoamerica, and Egypt) testify to the fact that Russian-Aryans were the much more advanced civilization than any other co-existent civilizations, so that Russian-Aryans had the most advanced technology, which included flying machines, and could control large territories and defeat their enemies. Though after the World War 13,500 years ago, the Russian-Aryan civilization lost the most of its technological potential, it still was much more advanced than the civilization of Sumer of the Gilgamesh times (2500 BC). That global war led to the ice age, when the entire Europe was covered with ice. All white Europeans lived on the territory of Russia, and this explains why they moved to the South – To India, Middle East and Africa.

The so-called “Indian” Vedas say that “gods” came to India not from heaven but from the North – from the territory of Russia. Major Russian river Volga (Stalingrad / Volgograd is on Volga) was called “RA” (Rha) in ancient times, because it was the major forepost of Russian-Aryans who initially migrated from the North (Russian Arctic), but later were going around River RA / Volga to the West, to the South, and again back to the North in various periods of Russina-Aryan history. The Sun Cult of RA determined the name of the major river of Russia as “RA”, because the river was the union of the four elements of the divine – earth, air, water and fire.

The word “Ar-yan” derives from Ra as well, since this word is supposed to be read from right to left. In fact, the word “Ar-yan” is properly spelled as “Yar-y” (“Yar-yan”) in Russian, meaning “fiery” or belonging to the fire of the Sun “Ra”. Sun is “Yar-ilo” in Ancient Russian. Names of many Russian cities all over the territory of Russia from ocean to ocean (in the European part of Russia, in Urals and Siberia) have root “Yar”, that is, “Aryan” or “Yary” – belonging to the Aryan culture, which is the Sun culture of “Ra” (for example, Yaro-slavl’ on Volga-Ra and Krasno-yar-sk in Urals). In Russian language, the word “Yar-y” means “fiery” as a spiritual quality. There exist a male name Yaro-slav — that is, a man who is worshipping or “slav-ing” Ra / Yarilo.

In fact, Russian nation should be properly called “Yary”. Yary or “fiery” is the true name of Russian people.

Our RA-ma brought Vedas and yoga to India and the cult of the sun god RA to Egypt and Americas. Cossack military leader is still called “Ataman” in Russia. That is why the ultimate “god” is called “Atman” in India and “Aton” in Egypt. “Ata” is derived from the Russian word “tata” (“tyatya”) or “batya”, which means father. Russian word “otetz” for “father” is itself a modified word “ata” or “tata”, “tytya.” India’s most ancient god Indra is described in the Rig Veda (the most ancient Veda in Indostan) as a man with yellow hair. Krishna had blue eyes. Mongoloids in Alaska still call white men as “kassak”, i.e. cossack / kazak.

Burials in Arkaim and in the surrounding area contain ONLY Aryan sculls of the white race. Here is the reconstruction of two sculls, found in the burial near the town of Kizil’skoye, close to Arkaim and the river Ural, by the expedition of Tatyana S. Malyutina, Ph.D. professor of the Chelyabinsk State University, History Department in 2009.

It is very important that there is also the river Samara in Malorossia (the present-day “Ukraine”). This conclusively proves that Samara and Samara culture have no Persian (Indo-Iranian) or Mongoloid-Turkic or Sumerian-Samarian-Babylonian origin, but, on the contrary, is the source of these cultures.

And, in Russian-Cossack/Kazak sources of Malorossia (present-day “Ukraine”), the Samara River, which flows into the Dnieper River, is called “Samar” and “Samar’”. This change from the name “Samara” to “Samar” corresponds to the transition of the Russian-Aryan culture from matriarchy to patriarchy. This proves that Russian-Aryan Samara culture in Malorossia (“Small Russia”) is later than the Russian-Aryan Samara culture of the Urals and Siberia.

Also, precisely the man’s name of Samar and Samer is widespread in the later Russian-Aryan cultures of Indo-stan, Iran (Khuze-stan) and Pale-stan (the current “Palestine”). And we see the same in the name for the Russian-Aryan culture of Sumer / Samar. Although the epicenter of the Sumer / Samar culture is still called the city of “Samara”, which is the noun of the female gender, the culture itself is already called as the “Sumer / Samar,” which is the noun of the male gender. This proves once again that all these are the later cultures.

It is very important that the old name of the Somme River in France is “Samara”. This is another proof that the word “Samara” is not of Turkic or Mongolian origin, but is the Russian-Aryan name of the Good Mother of Sun (“Ra”) – Swa Ma Ra. This is also another proof that the Kelts of France are of the Russian-Aryan origin. Kelts came to the territory of Europe from Assia (Asia) when the ice melted after the last Ice Age (“Glacial Period”) approximately 12,000 years BC. There is also a village Sămara in Poiana Lacului Commune, Argeş County, Romania. There is a town Samara in Costa Rica. And there is the city of Samara / Smara in Western Sahara, founded by the Russian-Aryan Vandals. All these show the vast area of the Russian-Aryan civilization in the Northern and Sothern hemisphere all over the globe.

In Russia, there exist a large number of rivers, which are called “Arya”, “Ary”, “Ariya”, “Ariyka”,”Aryan”, “Arian”, etc. This conclusively proves that Russians are the original and true Aryans. Unfortunately, the English language is incapable of expressing all the phonetic variety of the name “Aryan” in Russian.

“Aryan” is “Yary” meaning”Fiery” / “Fierce” (which is a spiritual quality) – from the Russian name for the sun as “Yarilo.” All European languages completely lost the meaning of the word “Aryan”. Our ancestors called their cities and rivers precisely with the name of the Sun – Yaro-Slavl’, Krasno-Yar-sk, etc. The sun is the center (focus) of the wave crystal / hologram of our solar (star) system as a portal into the other dimensions denoted by our ancestors through the symbol of the swastika and Kolovrat. To get to this portal is possible only through the zero center of our planet as the wave crystal / hologram, which is called “The Black Sun” and is located in the center of our planet. The entrance into the portal of our planet is located in the Russian North Pole.

River Arya is the right tributary of the river Usta, and it flows in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Uren district, Russia.
River Arya is the left tributary of the river Kerzhenets, and it flows in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Lyskovsky area, Russia.
River Arya is the left tributary of the Big Kokshaga, and it flows in the Republic of Mari El, Russia.
River Arya is the left tributary of the river Tavda, and it flows in the Sverdlovsk region of the Irtysh river basin and sub-basin of the Tobol river, Russia.

Near this river Arya, there are the villages Small Arya and Large Arya. In the lower riverway, on the left bank of the river Arya, there is a city “Arya”.

Ariy (Aryan) is a river in Russia, a tributary of the Bisert’ river, and it flows in the Sverdlovsk region, the Republic of Bashkortostan, and Chelyabinsk region, basin of the river Kama.
Ariy (Aryan) is a river in Russia, Perm’ Region, a tributary of the river Iren’, the basin of the river Kama.
At the mouth of the river Ariy (Aryan), where it empties into the river Iren’, is the village of Ust-Ariy (Aryan).

River Arya is the tributary of the river Sviyaga in Russia, and it flows through the territory of Chuvashia (Urmarsky district), emptying into Sviyaga in Tatarstan. it takes its beginning in the ponds west of the village Arabosi.

River Ariya is a tributary of the river Loz’vy (170 km from the river Ivdel’), Sverdlovsk region and Tyumen’ region, Russia. Around it lies the village “Ariya”.

River Ariyka in Krasnoufimsk (formerly Krasny Yar), a city in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region, 224 km west of Ekaterinburg.

River Ariane (Arya) is a tributary of the river Shudeki, and it flows in the Yanaulsky district, Republic of Bashkortostan, Perm’ area, Russia.

But most importantly, there is a river in Russia, called “Aryan”, right at the Russian North Pole. There certainly did not reach Turks, Iranians and Indians. The river Aryan flows in the Murmansk region, and is a tributary of the river Not. This river belongs to the river basins of the Kola Peninsula, and it empties into the Barents Sea. River “Aryan” near the Russian North Pole designates the point of exit for the Russian-Aryans out of the teleportation portal of the Russian North Pole and the point of entrance for the Russian-Aryans into the mainland of Assia – the land of Aces / Russian-Aryans (from the first letter “AZ” in the Russian-Aryan alphabet).

River Aryan near the Russian North Pole irrefutably proves that Russian-Aryans are not of the Hindu origin, but, on the contrary, Hindus are of the Russian-Aryan origin. The same way, the river Aryan proves that Russian-Aryans / Scythians-Saks / Kas-Saks / Kazaks (Cossacks) are not of Iranian origin, but, on the contrary, the Iranians are of the Russian-Aryan origin. Since the representatives of the proper Iranian and Indian cultures were never in the inhabited areas of the Russian North Pole regions.

In ancient times, the vowels “a”, “ya” and “i” were interchangeable. Therefore, we have the identity of the word “Aryan” with the word “Yary” (“fiery”, “furious”, “ardent” in English), as well as, with the word “Iriy.” “Iriy” was how our ancestors called the higher dimension, from which they came into this dimension through the teleportation portal of the Russian North Pole. Therefore, the river “Ir-tysh” is also the river “Arya” / “Aryan”. And the city “Ir-Kutsk” is also the city of “Aryans”. Name “Irina” is purely of the Russian-Aryan origin, and this pronunciation is identical in meaning with the names “Arina” and “Yarina” (“Arianne” in the West).

River Yarina is the tributary of Dobryanka, and it flows in the Perm’ region, Russia. It originates north of the village Yarino.
River Yarina flows in the Penzhinsk region, Kamchatka Area, Russia.
River Yarina flows in the Ivolginsk district, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.
Yaran’ (Yaran) is the right tributary of Pizhma (Volga/Ra basin). It flows through the territory of the Kirov region, Russia.

Yara is a river in Russia, in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. It flows through the Kotlas district, and is the left tributary of the Northern Dvina River.

River Yara-Yaha is the tributary of the river Yenisei, Russia.
River Yara-Tanama flows in Taymys Dolgan-Nenets Autonomous District, Russia.
River Yary-Sede-Yaha flows in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Russia.
Kyzyl-Yar is a river in Russia, and it flows in the Chelyabinsk region, the Republic of Bashkortostan.
River Yary is the right tributary of the river Urzevy, left tributary of the river Moksha, the Ryazan region, Russia.
River Yary flows in Levokumskij.

Russian word for witch “Ved’ma” (Ved-ma) literally means “mama who knows Vedas”. Ved’ma is also called “Vedu-nja” in Russian, that is, she is the woman who “knows Vedas”: Russian word for knowing something very important is “to veda-t’”. Also Russian Vedu-nja is called Baba Yaga, that is, Baba Yoga. Russian Baba Yaga / Yoga is a major character in Russian folklore. She has clear vision, and teaches the hero of the legend how to achieve his goal. Ancient Russian-Aryans had matriarchy, and women were rulers and warriors. That is why in India, the teacher is called “Baba”. “Baba” is the word for a “woman” in Russia for millennia. Judeo-communists tried to suppress the word “Baba” by the word “woman”, but the word “Baba” is still used to designate woman all over Russia. Amazon tribe of the Warrior women lived on the territory of Russia. Amazon women were Cossack / Kazak women, the female leaders of the Cossack / Kazak military divisions.

Clothes of Hyksos also testifies that ancient Russian-Aryans had the matriarchy: men are wearing women’s dress “sarafan” (see the depiction of hyksos earlier in the text). That is, women and men are wearing the same dress. “Baba” is also and even more widely used in Russia for designating an old women as the matriarch of the family — the grandmother.

The name Ra-ma also testifies to the matriarchy of the ancient Russian-Aryans. The name “Ra-ma” literally means “Mama (witch or ved’ma / vedu-nja) who knows the law of Ra”.

And the most distinctive feature of Baba Yaga / Yoga is her ability to operate a flying device. The possession of flying devices by the white, Russian-Aryan civilization is its major difference from the much more primitive negroid and semitic civilizations of the ancient times.

Horus (the Lower Egypt) was white and a descendant of Russian Ra. Seth (the Upper Egypt) was black. The same mix of black and white race happened in Sumer. As the legends of Dogon tribe of Mali testify, the ancestors of negroes were also ancient astronauts, as it was in the case of the white Russian-Aryans. But negroes lost their cosmic knowledge. It happened mainly because they mated with humanoid monkeys (scotology). In Nigeria, for example, according to ancient custom, girls lose their virginity copulating with a gorilla. By the law of Telegony, even if no offspring can be born due to the incompatibility at the biochemical level, still, a female gets imprinted by her first sexual partner at the wave level, so that the first sexual partner always dramatically influences her entire future offspring from other males. The word “scotology” is of Russian origin (“skotolozhestvo” in Russian): it means to have sex with animals, that is, “to lay” “animals” “in bed”. Anlmals are called “scot” (“skot”) in Russian, and “to lay” is “lozhit’” in Russian, which provides the root “log”. There is an analogous word in Russian for homosexuality (“muzhelozhestvo”), which sounds similar. It is constructed the same way via addiging “male” to the root “log”. The other reason for the loss of the advanced technology by Negroes and Semites was their practice of human sacrifice and pedophilia, which violated the Karmic Law, and caused the degradation of humans to the level of beasts. Precisely because Negros and Semites had destroyed their wave genome and got degraded to the level of social animals, that they perceived Russian-Aryans with their Vimanas as gods in Sumer, ancient Egypt, and ancient Israel.

The most important fact about Russians is that, among all the nations of the world, only Russian folklore preserved the memory of the Quantum technology, which belonged to our ancestors and which included flying Vimanas and Vaitmanas. Russian ancient legends have detailed information about teleportation (“the portals or gates between the worlds”), and the Vimanas, Vaitmanas, and Vaitmaras. Russian folklore describes also someting close to the modern television (“looking glass”) and refrigerators (“Table cloth as a container for food”). In essence, Russian folklore describes the information-wave (or quantum) technologies of our ancestors, which are rediscovered at the moment as the Quantum Leap. These information-wave technologies include “dead water” and “live water” for resurrecting the dead and curing the wounded. “Dead and life water” is the programmed or “charged” water, which is produced right now in Russia with the help of psi-generators and lasers, and which is successfully used to cure diabetes, cancer and radiation disease. It is clear that Russia not only was the most advanced civilization in the ancient times, but that Russia preserved the knowledge of the quantum technology on the wave-genetic level of its citizens. We, Russian-Aryans, were flying Vimanas and Vaitmanas in the ancient times, and, at the moment, are the most ready, among all peoples of the world, to fly Vimanas and Vaitmanas again.

It is time to put an end to fraud by the dishonest researcher Zecharia Sitchin and, in general, to a ludicrous fiction by the Satanic-Zionist alliance that the most ancient civilization in the world was Sumer. Russian-Aryan Vedas of Indostan have detailed technical drawings of the engines in Vimanas with the description of fuel. And this information is not present in the Old Testament and the clay tables of Sumer. This information is not present in the Gilgamesh Epic. Vimanas are of the Antediluvian origin. The Old Testament is of much more recent origin. The Gilgamesh Epic is older than the Old Testament, but also is more recent that the Russian-Aryan Vedas.

We, Russian Aryans, were “the gods” of Sumer. We picked Enkidu up in our vimana in the Gilgamesh epic. His hair fell out because of radiation, and he died. As a result, Gilgamesh went North and crossed the sea (Aral Sea – Sea of Aryans) to meet with gods, that is, with Russian-Aryans, and with the immortal man Utnapishtim who was the only man to survive the deluge. Gilgamesh was 2/3 of a god, that is, he was 2/3 Russian. In other words, he was a semite (half-black-half-white), who owed his culture to the Russian-Aryans from the North.

“Sumer” is the very same thing as “Samarra”. The confusion over pronunciation of vowels emerged because vowels were omitted in the written language of Sumer. Sumer should be properly pronounced and spelled as “Samara”. This means that Samaria in Palestine and Sumer / Samar in Iraq belong to one and the same Russian-Aryan Samara culture. Besides Russian rivers Samara and Sura, there is a river Euphrates in Russia — in Siberia, in the Tomsk area, Krasnoyarsk region. Russian-Aryans brought their Samara culture to Samaria in Palestine, Suria / Syria and Sumer in Iraq from the rivers Ra, Samara, Sura and Euphrates in Russia. That is why the name of the Iraqi city right in the epicentre of the Sumerian / Samarian culture is Samara. Both Iraq and Russia have the city of Samara. But because Russian-Aryans were descending from the North Pole towards the South, the Russian city Samara predates the Sumerian / Samarian city Samara in Iraq. And the Russian-Aryan culture on the river Euphrates in Russia is more ancient than the Russian-Aryan culture on the river Euphrates in Iraq. This is also supported by the testimony in the Gilgamesh Epic.

The same thing, as to Enkidu, happened later to Elijah, who was taken into heaven in a fiery chariot (2 Kings 2:11-12), which belonged to Russian-Aryans. The very concept of an angel or the messenger of light in the Old Testament is derived from the white skin color of Russian-Aryans on Vimanas.

The Old Testament provides other proofs that the fiery chariots belonged precisely to Russian-Aryans. Ezekiel says that a fiery chariot (Vimana) flew in from the North (Ezekiel 1:4-28). The Old Testament Noah was of alien blood in the Tribe of Israel (Tribe of Seth / Tribe of Judah). He was a white child in a family of genuine Negroid Jews of the Old Testament. He was so alien among negroes that his family wanted to kill him at first. “Immaculate Conception” is an acronym for the birth of a child in a family of negroes from white gods (Russian-Aryans), who were flying Vimanas, and possessed the ability to impregnate women at a distance through the transmission of wave matrices. Noah’s Ark was not a ship made of wood – it was a Vimana. White gods / Russian-Aryans saved on Vimana not the animals themselves, but their wave matrices.

Russian-Aryans owned territory from the Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean from time immemorial. Namely — Russian Cossacks, Atmans-Atamans.

Samarkand in Assia, current Uzbekistan, is another proof that the Russian-Aryan culture from the Russian Samara rivers covers an area from ocean to ocean. Samar-kand literally means “City (“kand”) of Samara”. Also, Samarkand in Assia proves that the Silk Road has always been under the control of the Russian-Aryan Scythians-Saks / Cas-Saks / Kazaks (Cossacks). Russian-Aryan Sogdian culture of Samar-kand is more ancient than the Egyptian culture and the Sumer / Samar culture of Iraq.

Samarkand (Sm’rknδh – Sogdian) is also known as Marakanda (Gr.) in the writings of the Roman and Greek historians (Quintus Curtius Rufus, Arrian, Strabo) – the biographers of Alexander the Great, who, in 329 BC, conquered Samarkand, which was, by that time, a well-developed and fortified city. Explanation of variations in the name of Samarkand is as follows.

Russian language is the only image-based language in the world, in which letters and syllables of words represent the self-standing images. As a result, every letter and every syllable carry additional meanings that make the very meaning of the word possible as a whole, its magic. Such a magic of the words is the goal for the medieval Kabbalah of the Khazars-pseudo-Jews, who borrowed from the Russian-Aryans the knowledge of the numerical equivalents of letters, but the Khazar Kabbalah is not able to master the semantic encoding of the Russian language – the imagery of language.

So, the word “Samara” may be decoded as “Ra itself (“sama”),” i.e. the river or the city, which are also the sacred place of Ra – the Sun. “Mara” is the mother of Ra. Hence our Russian-Aryan ancestors had the worship of the woman as the mother for the gods — children of the Sun, so that “Mara” later becomes Maria the Mother of God for the Christians. Sa-Mara is a Good Mother of Ra, where “Sa” or “Su” is “good” (“sva” or “sua”) in Sanskrit. Therefore, Samar-kand is the same as the Mara-kand, the city of Mary, the mother of Ra.

Also, the history of Samarkand is instructive for us in terms of variations in pronunciation of the Sumer / Samara culture as “Shumer”. The historian and geographer Hafiz Abru (15th century) of Häraat called the city as “Shamarkand” – “The City of Shamara.” This variation is due to the Turkic culture, the emergence of which belongs to the Arab conquest of Assia in the 8th century AD. Samarkand was captured in 712 AD by Arab invaders led by Kuteiba ibn Muslim.

It is significant that, in the Turkic culture, the meaning of the word “Samarkand” is completely lost. Uzbek etymologists recognize that “kand” means “village, town”, but they explain the first part of the word “Samarkand” as “asmara” – “stone”.

That is, the Uzbek language does not even have a word that would explain the origin of the name of the city “Samarkand”. In the Tatar language, the word “Samar”, in the Kalmyk language the word “Samr”, in the Chagatai language, the word “Samar” mean “a bag.” That is, the Tatar, Kalmyk and Chagatai languages are closer to the Russian-Aryan proto-language, but, in these languages also, the meaning of the words “Samara” / “Sumer” / “Samar” and “Samarkand” and the memory of their Russian-Aryan origin have been lost. To explain the name of the river “Samara” and the cities of Samara and Samarkand from the position of these languages is not possible.

The Anglo-Saxons completely do not understand the etymology. The English language is so primitive that the original meanings of the words are completely lost. The origin of English words is explained by the Latin, although the Latin and, later, the English are simply the corrupt Russian language, which is almost lost. For example, the word “crush” in English comes from the Russian word “to destroy” — “krushit’”. And since the Anglo-Saxons, and Germans, too, have lost the image-based language and the memory of the Russian-Aryan origin of the words, everything that the Anglo-Saxons and Germans write about Russian words is sick delirium (like, for example, the attempt of Max Julius Friedrich Vasmer, 1886-1962, explain the origin and meaning of the word “Samara” via the Turkic culture). Their importunate attempt to interpret the Russian culture as a “Turkic” culture is the genocide. Moreover, the “Turkic culture” imposed upon the Tatars is also the genocide, since the Tatars are also the Russian-Arians. “Tat-Ar” literally means “tata / father is Aryan.”

In Russia, there is a village / town “Shumerlya” on the river Shumerlya. Village / city of Shumerlya in Russia is a modified name for the “Sumer / Samara”. Shumer-lya village in Russia shows how the Russian-Aryan Samara culture was moving from the Russian Arctic Pole towards the South. Russian village Shumer-lya is more ancient than the city of Samara in Iraq as the epicenter of the Ancient Sumer / Shumer / Samara.

Near the town of Shumerlya / Schumeria, there is the village “Hutar” / “Hodary.” The village “Hutar” is nothing else than the “Hutor”, which is the typical name for a single standing Kas-Sak / Kazak / Cossack house near the Cossack city / “stanitza”. This conclusively proves that Shumerlya / Shumeria belongs to the Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Kas-Sak / Kazak culture.

Russian city of Shumerlya is located on the river Sura. This once again confirms that the Russian-Aryan Samara culture was moving south from the Russian North Pole along the Russian rivers Ra, Samara, Sura and Euphrates.

The Winged Lioness (Sphinx) (Female Falcon-Lion) on the Samar-Kand Coat of Arms represents the Mother-Falcon, the Ruler-Lioness, since our Russian-Aryan ancestors had Matriarchy.

The Seal of Samar-Kand is the proof that Sphinx was created by Russian-Aryans who came to Africa from the Russian North Pole and the city of Samara on the territory of modern Russia.

Russian-Aryans passed through the city of Samar-Kand (present territory of Uzbekistan), through the city of Samara in Iraq, Samara in Syria / Suria, and Samara / Samaria in Pale-Stan (Palestine), before finally bringing the culture of Falcon to Egypt.

Sogdiana-Samaria in Assia was the major “Stan”, the place of settlement for Russian-Aryans on their way from the Russian North Pole to the South, in all directions.

In the summer of 2014, when I lived in Denver, USA, once I was suddenly woken up by my boyfriend, while I was still sleeping in the early morning hours. That is why I was lucky to memorize that, at that moment, I was given important information in my sleep. The information was: Egypt was founded by Russian-Aryans from Sogdiana.

Russian-Aryan Mothers-Rulers brought the symbol of the Winged Woman-Falcon from the Russian North Pole through all the countries of Asia / Assia to Africa, where Mother-Falcon acquired the paws of a Lioness.

We note the symbol of the Male Ruler-Falcon or the Female Ruler-Falcon wherever our ancestors passed and established their Falcon culture – on the territory of present-day Russia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and several African countries.

We can determine the time period of the ancient culture by the criterion whether it belongs to the Matriarchy or the Patriarchy. The Matriarchy preceded the Patriarchy. The Mother-Falcon the Winged Lioness preceded the Father-Falcon the Winged Lion.

We, Russians, have the most sophisticated and elaborate depictions of the Matriarchy of the Mother-Falcon Winged Lioness in the Russian-Aryan embroideries of the Russian Far North. This testifies to their most ancient status.

This fact confirms the conclusion of Brahman Bal Gangadhar Tilak in his monograph “The Arctic Home in the Vedas” (1903) that Russian-Aryans descended to the South from the Russian North Pole. Also this fact confirms Yury Kudinov’s scientific testing of the Russian-Aryan Pyramids on the Russian Cola Peninsula, which proves that these Pyramids are at least twice older than Egyptian Pyramids.

Natalia Guseva and Svetlana Zharnikova proved the identity of Russian-Aryan embroideries of the Russian Far North and Russian-Aryan embroideries in Indostan. Moreover, Russian-Aryan embroideries of the Russian Far North demonstrate more richness of the archaic elements and eleborateness than Russian-Aryan embroideries in Indostan. This proves that Russian-Aryan embroideries of the Russian Far North were the origin for Russian-Aryan embroideries in Indostan.

Precisely because our Russian-Aryan ancestors had Matriarchy, the most important Egyptian Goddess Ma’At / Isis is wearing a crown in the shape of a Throne (sometimes depicted as Falcon), and holds the Ankh key to the Divine Realm — the Realm of the Eternal Light. Her womb is a portal for the Warriors of Light coming into this dimension. Maat, Russian-Aryan Mother, is a head of the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods.

Egyptian word “Ma’at” literally is the Russian word for Mother – “Mat’”.

The famed “Secret” of the Egyptian Sphinx consists in the following: Sphinx is the Russian-Aryan Mother-Falcon Ruler-Winged Lioness.

Here we see the Two-headed Mother-Falcon Winged Lioness. The Two-Headed Falconess has Lion’s paws, and this clearly shows that the Two-Headed Falconess is also a Lioness, a Ruler. And her female breasts clearly show that this is a female, a Lioness. The Two-headed Falcon-Winged Lioness is depicted in the pose of Mother giving birth – the iconic image of Russian-Aryan embroideries of the Russian Far North.

A child, a daughter, is depicted inside the womb of the Two-Headed Mother-Falcon Winged Lioness. The female child is depicted with the iconic gesture of the Ruler-Sourceress – raised hands palms out. Later in the history of humanity, we would see the same gesture in the depictions of Maat/Isis, Cybele, and Odigitria.

All humans depicted are females. This reveals that we have here the depiction of the Matriarchy. The depiction of all the females with the same ritualistic gesture, expressing power, confirms the leading role of Mother-Baba-Ruler.

Two Mothers on both sides of the Two-Headed Mother-Falcon Winged Lioness are depicted with Little Birds / Falcons on their heads. The two-headed Mother-Falcon also has little Falcons sitting all over her. Later, in Egypt, these little baby-falcons will be called «Ba» — the representation of the Universal Soul / Sun-Ra in each individual human soul.

The Crown between two heads of the two-headed Mother-Falcon is the stylized adult falcon. This Crown symbolizes the World Soul – the Universal Soul Ra / Sun. This Crown-Falcon also symbolizes the Soul of each human, which is the complete representation of the indivisible, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Universal Soul Ra / Sun. Later, in Egypt, this Crown is depicted as Sun-disk, or as Throne.

Our ancestors undertood the holographic principle of the Universe, i.e. that the Universe is entirely in its every matrix point. That is why the womb of the Two-Headed Mother-Falcon is depicted with a fully formed female inside. Russian Matryoshka (Matrix) also confirms that our Russian-Aryan ancestors had the understanding of the holographic / matrix principle. Russian Matryoshka is a doll, cut out of wood, which has a few exact but smaller copies of itself inside itself.

Two Mothers on the two sides from the two-headed Mother-Falcon have flowers in their wombs. This symbolizes that Mother-Falcons bring agriculture to this world, and even more – all other kinds of life besides human. Thus, this dimension unfolds through each Mother-Falcon, and each Mother-Falcon gives birth not only to her human children but also to everything in this world.

Winged Mother-Falcon, or Mother with Falcon on her head, or holding Female Falcons in her two hands, is the iconic symbol of a Mother bringing souls into this dimension on her wings.

Here we see two-headed female Falcon with Gammadion / Swastika Cross in her womb. Gammadion / Crux Quadrata (Square Cross) has equal sides — as above as below. Thus, Gammadion symbolizes the holographic / matrix principle of the universe, i.e. that the entire universe is in its every matrix point, and, thus, there is no hierarchy. This ontological principle is the foundation for the social principles of freedom, equality and fraternity. These social principles are the major Russian-Aryan social principles, which are expressed in the true, early, Vedic Christianity before the Council of Nicaea (325 AD). Mother-Ruler is responsible for defending this principle of social justice, since she refers to all humans as her children.

Because Russian culture is the most ancient culture on this planet, it preserved the most remnants of the Matriarchy. Because the Soul of each human is a Woman-Bird, a Little Female Falcon, the word «soul» has female gender in Russian language. English language lost genders of words, and, thus, is the language of destruction and degeneration.

Since in Egypt, we also have the depiction of the main Goddess Maat (Mother) / Isis with Wings like a Female Falcon, or with the Bird / Female Falcon on her head (sometimes, depicted as Sun / Ra), or with Little Human Souls depicted as Little Female Falcons — «Ba», we can claim with no doubt that the Egyptian culture was founded by us, Russians.

Isis is Russian-Aryan Maat / Mother. “Isis” means “throne”. Thus, our enemies from Vatican / the Synagogue of Satan use the reduction of our Ancestral Russian-Aryan Mother-Falcon Winged Lioness-Ruler to ISIS (simply the female consort of a Pharaoh) as the way of destroying our Russian-Aryan nations from Russia to Syria / Suria, Egypt, Iran and India.

Evenmore, Ancient Egyptians considered Isis-Maat-Russian Mother to be the “Eye of Ra”. The right eye of Horus is the “Eye of Ra” – the Light (the right path in Magic), while his left eye is the “Eye of Moon” – the Darkness (the left path in Magic). This means that the Eye of Horus is his Russian-Aryan Mother, Ra personified, the Absolute Ruler of Russian-Aryan nations. This fact is supressed by the Satanists.

Maat or, simply, “Mother”, was the main Goddess of the “Old Kingdom” before the White, Russian-Aryan Lower Egypt in the Nile Delta was conquered by the Negroid Upper Egypt of the Land of Seth / Set, the God of Death and Desert of Ethiopia and North Sudan. Russian Mother Falcon is the creator of the universe, society and each individual man. The same way as the earthly woman gives birth to a child, the Divine Mother Falcon gives birth to the worlds.

Mat’, Russian Mother was the Law Personified. Mat’, Russian Mother, controlled the order of cosmos, polis (society) and soul. In other words, Mat’, Russian Mother, ruled over the entire universe, not only the state and individual man. And Mat’, Russian Mother, ruled over all aspects of civil life, from war to peace.

Isis inherited all the attributes of Mat’, Russian-Aryan Mother, including the crown in the shape of a throne, or the crown in the shape of the Sun disk, or the crown in the shape of the Falcon, the Wings of a Scythian-Sak / Kas-Sak / Kazak / Cossack Falcon, and the Ankh Key.

Mother Falcon, Russian Mother, did not have a male counterpart, and this testifies to the fact that she was the absolute, the one and only Ruler of the Earth and the Sky, the earthly life and the afterlife. She is the daughter of Ra and, in fact, Ra herself, the Sun – Ra-Ma / Ma-Ra. The Sun is not the physical celestial body, but the Divine Mind, the Absolute Light. The Sun, as the physical celestial body, is simply one representation of the omnipresent, omnipotent and ominiscient Light, which remains the Light even in the Darkness – the Light that does not cast a shadow.

The body of the Divine Mother is a body of Falcon, since she delivers the Divine Sun across the earthly life, and between dimensions – between the earthly life and the afterlife. That is why her crown is either the royal throne, or the disk of the Sun. Because Russian Mother Falcon is the holder and carrier of the Dvine Mind, she brings Law and Order to nations, on her Falcon wings, from North to South.

The knowledge of one and only omnipresent, omnipotent and ominiscient Divine Mind is the true monotheism. That is why it is a crude mistake to represent Russian Mother-Falcon’s pantheon of Gods as polytheism, or her teaching as the pagan Sun cult. Our Russian-Aryan ancestors were never pagans and idolaters. After the white, Russian-Aryan Lower Egypt was conquered by the black, Negroid Upper Egypt, the Semitic (half-black-half-white / hemi / semi) culture of Khemet (the true name for Egypt) was formed. The Semitic culture of Khemet tried to return to the Ra-monotheism of the Russian Mother Falcon during the reign of Akhnaton (Akhenaten).

In the genocidal tradition of the true, Negroid Jews of Tanakh / Old Testament, God helps only one nation. Other gods help other nations, each god helping its own nation. Thus, Judaism presupposes the existence of competing Gods, correspondent to competing nations.The God of Jews is Set, the God of death and desert – the God of constant war and permanent death. That is why Judaism, in no way, can be called «monotheism».

In the Ecumenical tradition of the Russian-Aryan Mother Falcon, God-Sun The Divine Mind gives light to everybody irrespectively of nation, gender, age, social caste, and even transgressions. That is, there is always the unconditional access to the Divine Sun – Divine Mind. Man can close this access only by himself, literally darkening his mind by Karmic crimes. This is true monotheism. The early, true Christianity is the legitimate heir of the teaching by the Russian-Aryan Mother Falcon.

Russian Mother-Creator teaches her children: “I made every man like his fellow”. She calls the rich to help the poor rather than exploit them: “I have given bread to the hungry and clothed the naked” and “I was a husband to the widow and father to the orphan” (Middle Kingdom, 2062 BC-1664 BC) (James P. Allen (2000). Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs. p. 116. ISBN 978-0-521-77483-3).

Some Pharaohs called themselves the «Lords of [Russian] Mother / Maat» or «Meri-Maat» (Beloved of the [Russian] Mother / Maat), who decreed with their mouths the [Russian] Mother they conceived in their hearts (Barry J. Kemp (2005). 100 hieroglyphs: think like an Egyptian. ISBN 1-86207-658-8).

The Vizier responsible for Justice was called the Priest of [Russian] Mother / Maat (from the 5th dynasty, 2510-2370 BC). In later periods, Judges wore images of Maat / [Russian] Mother (Siegfried Morenz (1973). Egyptian Religion, pp. 117–125. ISBN 978-0-8014-8029-4).

Thoth, the patron for the scribes of Maat / [Russian] Mother, is described as the one “who reveals Maat / [Russian] Mother and reckons Maat / [Russian] Mother; who loves Maat / [Russian] Mother and gives Maat / [Russian] Mother to the doer of Maat / [Russian] Mother” (Black, James Roger. “The Instruction of Amenemope: A Critical Edition and Commentary–Prolegomenon and Prologue”, Dissertation University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002, p. 131).

The Instruction of Amenemope urges each scribe to follow the precepts of Maat / [Russian] Mother (Black, James Roger. “The Instruction of Amenemope: A Critical Edition and Commentary–Prolegomenon and Prologue”, Dissertation University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002, p. 132).

Moreover, all instructions to scribes are based on the teachings of [Russian] Mother / Maat to such a degree that they are called “Maat / [Russian] Mother Literature” (Black, James Roger. “The Instruction of Amenemope: A Critical Edition and Commentary–Prolegomenon and Prologue”, Dissertation University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002, p. 157).

The influence of Russian-Aryan Matriarchy was so strong in Egypt that during the Greek period, Greeks failed in imposing their Patriarchy, and the Law of Greek Patriarchy existed alongside the Law of Egyptian Matriarchy, and was influenced by the Egyptian Matriarchy. The Egyptian law preserved the rights of women who were allowed to be independent of men and own substantial personal property (Anton Powell (1995). The Greek World. Psychology Press. p. 303. ISBN 978-0-415-17042-0).

In July 2015, the CIA and Mossad black operatives “Islamic State” destroyed one of the most important artifacts of our most ancient Russian-Aryan culture in Syria / Suria — the Russian-Aryan Sphinx that predated the Ancient Egyptian culture. The Lion of Al-lāt in Palmyra was three metres [10ft] tall and weighed 15 tonnes. The limestone statue was discovered in 1977 by a Polish archaeological mission, working under Dr. Michał Gawlikowski, at the temple of Al-lāt, a pre-Islamic Russian-Aryan goddess, and dated back to the 1st century BC (the statue was reessambled from pieces by restorer Józef Gazy).

Nevertheless, the age of the statue is much older than 1st century BC. The age of statue is the age of Matriarchy, at least 4000 BC. And this is precisely why it was destroyed. By doing so the degenerate British Queen betrayed her ancestors and rejected her Russian-Aryan legacy. Surely, this is a true sign that the “Great” “B’Nai B’ritain” would never get the Quantum Leap technologies of our Russian-Aryan ancestors.

The significance of this statue and the Al-Lat temple, in general, lies, first of all, in its name. The name “Al-lat” or “Alla” is NOT Islamic. It is Russian-Aryan, as is proven also by Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak / Kas-Sak / Kazak / Cossack names for rivers “Alla” all over Russia (please refer to my essay “Russian-Aryan Empire Grand Tataria against Zionists – Freemasons and Templars”). The name of the AL-LA / ALLAT / ALLAH Goddess in Palmyra proves that Russian-Aryan Mother-Falcon / Winged Lioness was called ALLA / ALLAT / ALLAH BEFORE the Prophet Mohamed / Muhammad.

Secondly, the significance of the AL-LA Lion in Palmyra lies in the fact that it establishes the connection between Russian-Aryan Great Mother and Lion. The temple to the Great Russian-Aryan Mother Alla / Allah explains the meaning of Sphinx — the greatest mystery of ancient times. Lion was the symbol of the Russian-Aryan Great Mother, since she herself was a Winged Lioness.

Nonetheless, we see in Palmyra the transition from the Winged Female Lion / Lioness to the Winged Male Lion. This transition reflects the transition from the Matriarcy to the Patriarchy. When this transtion happens, the Lion becomes the consort of the Russian-Aryan Goddess Alla / Allah / Al-Lat.

The Samar-Kand Seal has precisely a female Schinx / Mother-Falcon-Winged Lioness. This testifies that the Samar-Kand seal is much more ancient than the Syrian cult of Al-La / female Allah.

El = Al = Allah = Alla = Allat = Ala-la-la — the ancient war call of Russian-Aryan Amazons, who had Owl [Moon] and Falcon [Sun/Ra] as their symbols. The proof is that the entire territory of Russia is covered with rivers with the name “Alla” and “Arya”, “Aryan”, “Ariyka”, “Arya”, etc. from ocean to ocean from North to South and East to West, starting with river Aryan near the Arctic Ocean in the Far North of Russia. Greeks took this war call “Ala-la-la” from Russian Hyperborean Amazon women — Sar-Mat = Tzar-Maat-Mother. Matriachy was before Patriarchy. Allat is a Russian-Aryan goddess in Samara [Sumer/Samar] / Suria / Galilee / Aram, all founded by us — Russian-Aryans from the Russian rivers Euphrates (near Tomsk in Siberia), river Ra / Volga, river Samara (tributary of river Ra / Volga), river Sura (tributary of river Ra / Volga).

Only the generates of the terrorist organization of the pseudo-Islamic State could have destroyed the Lion of Allat in Palmyra. Tell all your friends in Mossad to leave alone the artifacts of their Russian-Aryan Great Mother Allat in Suria. The refusal to respect one’s great mother is a great Karmic sin. Ashkenazi are not semites (half-black-half-white) (Ashkenazi are 93% of the world Jewry). According to their own genetic research, Ashkenazi are Kurds from Russian great mother. Maternal / mitohondrial DNA does not change.

Gilgamesh was 2/3rd a God, and he went to the territory of Russia, in order to meet with Gods, so that [White] Gods lived on the territory of Russia, coming into this dimension through the teleportation portal of the North Pole, via the center of the planet Earth, which coincides with the center of our Solar system, which itself coincides with the center of our galaxy, and the center of the entire Being, according to the holographic principle of Quantum Physics.

Mossad and CIA black operatives from the “Islamic State” target precisely the Sphinx statues — the Winged Mother / Father Falcon-Lion (Mother: Apa / Aba; Father: Ata-Aton) statues from the most ancient in the world Russian-Aryan Sumer / Samar cities in Iraq and Suria / Syria. These statues undoubtably prove that Egyptian culture was founded by Russian-Aryans, and Horus-Falcon is of the Russian-Aryan origin, while the Eye of Horus is his Russian-Aryan mother Maat / Mat’.

In the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah, the CIA, Mossad and MI6 pseudo-Islamic State destroyed colossal Russian-Aryan gateway sculptures of the Father Falcon-Winged Lion from the 8th century BC, as well as another Russian-Aryan statue of the Father-Falcon Winged Lion. All Father-Falcon Winged Lion statues from the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah originated from the Arslan Tash archaeological site.

The very name of the city of Ar-Raqqah demonstrates its Russian-Aryan origin. Ar-Raqqah is Ar-Ra, simultaneously the name for the Sun and the name of the Falcon («Arak» in Et-Rus-can – «Et («this») is Rus»), and the name for the source of life, which was also used to name the water source – Aryk. “Ak” / “yk” / “ik” / “uk” are suffixes.

Similarly, Uruk, as the capital of Samara / Sumer / Shumer kingdom of Gilgamesh is, is, in fact, Ar-Ra / Arak (the City of the Divine Falcon-Sun). That is why God Ani of the Samar / Sumer / Shumer city of Uruk / Arak in Iraq is depicted as Father Falcon, the same very way as Persian / Parsian / Parfian / Scythian-Sak Ahu Ra Mazda – Winged Man-Lion or Winged Man riding the Lion. This proves the Russian-Aryian origin of the Sumer / Samar civilization in Iraq. That is why Satanists of the Synagogue of Satan / Vatican are destroying now the artifacts of Iraq.

The very name of the Sumer / Samar God Ani in Iraq is the name of the ancient Russian-Aryan, Armenian, Hermanian / Germanian capital of Russian-Aryans (now on the territory of Turkey). In the city of Ani, frescos demonstrate blonde blue-eyed Russian-Aryans-Armans-Harmans-Hermans-Germans.

The transition from the female depiction of the Sphinx (Falcon-Winged Lion) to the male depiction of the Sphynx (Falcon-Winged Lion) in the later Russian-Aryan Samara cultures of Iraq and Iran testifies of their transtion from the Matriarchy to the Patriarchy, and, thus, of the later time period of these cultures.

Nonetheless, the Sphinx sculptures of the Father-Falcon-Winged Lion in Iraq and Iran are very important, since they demonstrate the same beard styles as the sculptures of Egyptian Pharaohs.

Russian-Aryans were wearing long beards till the very Judeo-Communist Coup d’Etat in Russia in 1917. Long beards of the ancient Russian-Aryans were sometimes dressed into one long plait-like style. Beards were brought to Egypt from Asia / Assia by Russian-Aryans.

It is most significant that Osiris is depicted with the same beard-style as the Sphinxes of Iraq and Iran. The features of his face and especially his beard are one and the same with the face features and beards of the Sphinxes / Father-Falcon Winged Lions of Iraq-Samara, Iran / Parfia and Sogdiana.

Let us analyze the fact that all Father-Falcon Winged Lion statues from the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah originated from the Arslan Tash archaeological site.

Aor / Aors, Or / Ors, Ar / Ars, / Ur / Urs are the ancient names of Russian people. And “lan” is the ancient name of the Russian land, derived from the Russian word for “”len / lan / linen”. “Lan / Linen” is indicating that our ancestors grew flax, which is growing only in Northern latitudes of Russia / Rossia with its long day and diffused ultra-violet, necessary for flax, as well as for rye, wheat and other grains that are endemic to Northern Russia. Wild wheat, flax, rye, and other grains grow only in Northern Russia.

Flax and white linen clothes and blue flax flowers became symbols of our white-skinned, blonde and blue-eyed people. English word “Land” originaged precisely from the Russian word «len» for «flax» and «lan» for a strip of land seeded with «len» / «flax».

Pharaohs wore clothes made of linen. And they could take them only in Russia. Sacred plant of Egypt is rye. And rye is endemic of Northern Russia.

Russian words «len» / «lan» and «Rus / Ur / Aors / Ors / Ars» gave the beginning to the Ancient Russian names «Rus-Lan», «A-Lan», «Ars-Lan» (meaning «the Land of the Aryans / Yary / Furious»), «Lan», «Lana», «Svet-Lana», «Yar-Lan” / «Er-Lan» (meaning «the Land of the Aryans / Yary / Furious»), «As-Lan» ((meaning «the Land of the Aryans, Aces / Yary / Furious»).

The first scientific expedition to the Pyramids of the Kola Peninsula was made in 1921 by Professor Alexander Barchenko, Head of the Laboratory of the Neural Energy in the Institute for the Experimental Medicine of the USSR, on the order of the GPU (intelligence agency). The results of the expedition were classified.

In 1997, Vladimir Demin, Doctor of Philosophy and author of 10 popular books on science, made an expedition to the Kola Peninsula, which became second in history. Vladimir Demin suddenly died on his return from the expedition.

In 2007, Yuriy Kudinov made the third expedition to the Pyramids of the Kola Peninsula, following in steps of Alexander Barchenko and Vladimir Demin. Kudinov found religious and defensive structures, plates with inscriptions and ruins of an ancient observatory.

Yuriy Kudinov used the most advanced geophysical equipment similar to X-rays in order to reveal the interior of the Pyramids of the Kola Peninsula. The results of testing by this equipment have confirmed that the Pyramids are the creation of human hands. Pyramids are made of rounded stones.

Kudinov also found out that the Pyramids were reconstructed three times in order to increase their height. Each Pyramid has a cavity inside, that has a regular shape.

The function of the Pyramids is to serve as an observatory. Pyramids are strictly aligned from East to West. The slope of the Pyramid serves as the side of a giant goniometer.

The tests also showed that the age of the Pyramids is at least 9000 years, i.e. they are at least two times older than the Pyramids of Egypt. Thus, the Russian-Aryan Pyramids of the Kola Peninsula conclusively prove that human civilization began in the Russian Arctic, and that Russian culture is the root of human culture on this planet. That is, the discovery of the Russian-Aryan Pyramids on the Kola Peninsula confirmed the conclusions by the Brahman Bal Gangadhar Tilak that civilization was moving not from the South, but from the North of our planet.

In the early 90s, Russian geological expedition discovered in the Polar Urals the tungsten springs of unknown origin. The expedition was looking for gold, and made the discovery while sifting sand. These tungsten springs could not be parts of Soviet missiles or planes, since such details were not used in the Soviet missiles and aircraft construction. Nearby no wreckage of the Soviet missiles or aircraft was found.

Radio-carbon analysis showed that the find is several hundred thousand years old. Tungsten springs were found in the sediments at a depth of 5-10 meters. The ends of the springs were melted. A melting point of tungsten is 3,000 degrees. This indicates that the tungsten springs were the product of high-tech civilization.

But the most important is that the discovery proved that this high-tech ancient civilization is not “alien”, but is a civilization of our ancestors – Russian-Aryans, ancient astronauts (Tibetan Lamas say that there were 22 to our civilizations). The magnified image of the springs revealed the microscopic inscription on the spirals – in ANCIENT RUSSIAN language.

The spring has the inscription “ROTOR”, “FROM YAR RUSSIA”, “ARM OF YAR”, “TEMPLE OF YAR” and others. Tungsten springs were obviously parts of the rotor. “ROTOR” (as well as “mouth” (“rot” in Russian), “gate” (“vo-rot-a” in Russian) is, in fact, the Russian word for the rotating part of the mechanism. “FROM YAR RUSSIA” means that the rotor was made in Yar Russia, and, then, transported to the designated destination at another place. “ARM OF YAR” means the hand of God.

Our ancestors did not know religion, and they had no polytheism. Their ideas about the Universe were pure Quantum Physics, and that is why they had quantum technologies. They were not Sun-Worshippers, but they worshipped Light that casts no shadow, for which the sun is only the imperfect corporeal manifestation. Temples of the ancient Russian-Aryans were those Vimana, which were the portals (gates between the worlds). Each temple was dedicated to the specific unique wave matrix. So, the Temple of Yar (Yary = Aryan) was dedicated to technology and instantaneous travel between dimensions (teleportation). Inscriptions on the rotor of our ancestors is nothing more than a corporate brand of “Made in Russia”.

The traces of the previous high-tech civilization was found in all the continents of our planet. So, in Turkey, in the Southeastern province of Mardin, the excavations resulted in the discovery of a child’s toy of a model of a car with age more than 6000 years. In the ancient Toltec capital Tula in Mexico, there are images of gods with Plasma weapons. However, since only the Russian-Aryan Vedas describe the war between the gods with the high-tech weapons, surpassing even our modern technology, and this war of the gods is described as a war between the two brothers, it is clear that we are talking about the RUSSIAN-ARYAN ancient high-tech civilization.

“The chariots of God are myriads, thousands upon thousands; the Lord is among them as at Sinai, in holiness.” (Psalm 68:17)

“Behold, he comes up like clouds; his chariots like the whirlwind; his horses are swifter than eagles— woe to us, for we are ruined!”(Jeremiah 4:13)

“For behold, the LORD will come in fire, and his chariots like the whirlwind, to render his anger in fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.” (Isaiah 66:5)

“…He [God] makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.” (Psalm 104:3)

“I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north—an immense
cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal.” (Ezekiel 1:4-28)

“Again I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, four chariots came out from between two mountains. And the mountains were mountains of bronze.” (Zechariah 6:1)

“There appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more.” (2 Kings 2:11-12)

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This is another Bullshit & funny propaganda!
If Vedas were given by Russians to Indians then in which part of Russia do you find Vedas to be practiced today (in the way it is to be practiced/followed)? They forgot or what? Or do they don’t deem it as fit to be followed today?
No historians in the world (and even their fore-fathers) know exactly when Vedas came into existence…some predicts 3000 years ago…some says 4000 years…some says more than 5000 years ago…and so on. Russians didn’t even existed as Russians then.
And another funny aspect is, most people misinterprets the time of the origin of Vedas and the Vedic period as SAME. Who is going to convince the world that Vedas existed much before the Indus Valley Civilization?

Regarding the North star thing, there’s a complete different aspect (historical story) behind that which is slightly/partially touched by this article and it’s true. No use in going into that.

Tomorrow somebody will come up saying, Russia is the cradle of human civilization in this planet. 😆
Some also says that Buddhism originated from China and/or Far-East (and NOT from India) as the total number of Buddhists (and it’s practice) in India are far more negligible than them today!🙂

Actually, Vedas didn’t originated in India too, because there was no such country called India then😉
And humans did not compose the revered compositions of the Vedas, which were handed down through generations by the word of mouth from time immemorial…now who is going to believe this too in this atheist world!😉

But who cares whether Vedas are given to Indians by the Russians, Siberians, Christians, Arabians, Egyptians, Chinese, blah, blah. If they want it back let them have it…better for them.😉
No issues.

Hi Sunny
I agree with a lot of what you are saying. The capt would surely dispute some of this!🙂

Yeah the Vedas I believe were handed down from the Annunaki. In fact the Enuma Elish indicates the white ones were told to move north into colder climates from the Sumer area. It is true however they had out posts pretty much all over. the Scythians do seem to have moved from the middle east to the Emerald Isle and Britain.

We also however have the Arkaim, a Russian type stonehenge more accurate than stonehenge. It is known as Swastika city.

Pyramids are also all over Crimea and China.

Small Russian Mummy Boy Unearthed In Siberia-Possibly Related To Arkaim The Russian Stonehenge

Then there is the buscegi mountains in Romania

I don’t think there is any denying however the Russian language is partially sanskrit. I just found this out today!

Perhaps 100,000 years ago or more, so the hypothesis runs, a great star-gazing Ice Age people lived in the Arctic region, at that time a temperate zone, before migrating south to Inner Asia as conditions changed and the great ice sheets melted. There, in a fertile, paradisaical land, these unknown sages became the core of a Ural-Altaic race that continued to evolve over the millennia, improving the stock of primitive humanity by intermarriage, developing cosmological sciences and political structures that sowed the seeds of our present civilised state, migrating across the earth and then disappearing, leaving immortal legends about itself behind.

n 1987, in the middle of the Russian steppe, a team of Russian archaeologists unearthed the ruins of a fortified town called Arkaim, causing great excitement in scientific ranks and a surge of neo-pagan and nationalist enthusiasm among Russian intellectuals. The region was known to have preserved landmarks of the most diverse cultures, ranging from every epoch and every direction of the compass, but Arkaim was the first clear evidence of an ancient advanced culture flourishing on Russian soil.

“ANASTASIA”, the first book of the Ringing Cedars Series, tells the story of entrepreneur Vladimir Megre’s trade trip to the Siberian taiga in 1995, where he witnessed incredible spiritual phenomena connected with sacred ‘ringing cedar’ trees. He spent three days with a woman named Anastasia who shared with him her unique outlook on subjects as diverse as gardening, child-rearing, healing, Nature, sexuality, religion and more. This wilderness experience transformed Vladimir so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and, penniless, went to Moscow to fulfill Anastasia’s request and write a book about the spiritual insights she so generously shared with him. True to her promise this life-changing book, once written, has become an international best-seller and has touched hearts of millions of people world-wide.

Deva-like ancient tribe in China?

Page 201: Mysteries of the Ural mountains:- In the 1980s perfectly preserved 3000 years old mummies began appearing in a remote Chines desert. They had long reddish-blond hair, European features and didn’t appear to be ancestors of th modern-day Chinese people. Archeologists now think that they may have been the people of an ancient civilization that existed at the crossroads between China and Europe perhaps even the southern Ural steppes.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. And actually there is a theory that the Uralic languages of Russia and Central Asia are related to the Dravidians of Southern India, and the Veda people there. And if that was not enough it is a well-known fact that the Southern Siberian Scythians or Sakas and the “White Huns”settled widely in NW India at about the time of the Roman Empire and subsequently moved back North again with a culture much influenced by India and using an Indian alphabet and artistic styles, and recolonized up into Turkestan, Mongolia and even the Lake Baikhal region. So the peoples in these areas were not unknown to each other in ancient times. And so I shall let Jayasree have his say on the matter now.

But yes everyone seems to have a tendency to put their group front and center.

But tantrayana and the quest for cosmic consciousness never died out in Russian Siberia and Rasputin is a perfect example of that.

See, I don’t want to argue with this Vedic Russian thing as I can blow-off this idea/concept with a very simple and cheap logic.
Now if you just glance through these 2 articles (provided these are authentic😦 ) –
…tell me wisely, just 2000 years ago (I could have used 3000 years or more) was Russia similar to present Russia, was entire Europe was similar to present day’s Europe, was middle-east same as today’s…and so on…

See, you yourself have written –
” In the 1980s perfectly preserved 3000 years old mummies began appearing in a remote Chinese desert. They had long reddish-blond hair, European features and didn’t appear to be ancestors of the modern-day Chinese people. Archeologists now think that they……..”.
— So tell me, were the Chinese similar to present day Chinese or did “Chinese” really existed then. 🙂
Historians have NO idea what exactly and/or accurately was the physical structure of the countries (forget about continents) even just 1500/2000 years ago…they just guess by the archeological findings and/or makes up assumptions from different scriptures available. Today they come up with an idea and tomorrow they invalidate the same with something new when a new historical/archeological/etc. specimen is found.
If you haven’t seen your great grandfather (and there’s no picture of him) how are you going to explain someone now, if you want to depict him, how he was & how he looked?😉

And so, if one can prove that Aryans were Russians or Russians were Aryans (forcefully assuming the so-called “Russians” and Russia too, existed 2000/3000/… years ago for the time being) then only one can declare Vedas were brought by Russians, else…🙂

Our history is very brittle Mick, very brittle. (http://humansarefree.com/search?q=history – going through the titles in the list is enough)

Actually Vedas were always here, be it 5000 years or be it 10,000 years or …none have no idea!
Remember your own articles on Yugas…yugas are cyclic and not linear, right? You get my point?

Chronologically –
Krishna was not a Hindu
Mahavira was not a Jain
Buddha was not a Buddhist
Jesus was not a Christian
Mohammad was not a Muslim
and yet…😆

Do you know what exact single religion is followed by the entire world today? Dogmatism

I think Ajit Vadakylil nails it.

“Ganesha sitting on a inset of the Swastika has been unearthed at Harappa/Mohenjodaro pottery too in the Indus valley. Hitler stole the Swastika symbol, after the Vatican and the Rothschilds (opium drug cartel kingpin and owner of British East India company ) spread the false Vatican sponsored rumor that blonde Boris Becker-type Aryans invaded India. IT was never the case. Aryans traveled OUT of India in 4000 BC to the west toward Sumeria and Mesopotamia. Dryuhus (Druids) of Harry Potter series went up North. DNA tests clearly bear out the fact that even the Dravidians of south India (like me) have the same DNA as the North Indians.”

All we have proven here is that Veda was at one time worldwide as I have always maintained. Captain Ajit argues that india built their own vimanas and Irene Caesar argues the same that Russia built their own vimanas. I think neither is true, they brought in by the Annunaki. The fact that Tijuanaco is there, 13000 feet in the Andes and then the Mayan pyramids doesn’t suggest that Russia had much to do with that.

Then we have the Navajo language which is pure Sumerian.

The Incans also insisted that Viracocha came to them from the stars and left his sons in charge. Lake Titicaca is said to be where it all began and was the greatest city built in all of the Americas.

“Its scope, the size of its monoliths, the intricate carvings upon its monuments and its statues have amazed all who have seen Tiahuanacu (as the place has been called) ever since the first chronicler described it for Europeans…. The greatest puzzle of all is the location itself: a barren, almost lifeless place some 13,000 feet – four kilometers – up among the highest Andean peaks that are permanently snow-covered. Why would anyone expend incredible effort to erect colossal edifices out of stone that had to be quarried and brought over for many miles away in this treeless, windswept desolate place?

“The thought struck Ephraim George Squier when he reached the lake a century ago…. “The waters hide a variety of strange fishes, which contribute to support a population necessarily scanty…. The only grain is quinoa…. where the only indigenous animals fit for food are the biscacha, the llama, and the vicuna.” Yet in this treeless world, he added, “if tradition be our guide, were developed the germs of Inca civilization” from an earlier, “original civilization which carved its memorials in massive stones, and left them in the plains of Tiahuanaco, and of which no tradition remains except that they are the work of the giants of old, who reared them in a single night.””

“….Here the clamps (to hold the stone blocks together against earthquakes) were made of bronze. That this was so is known because some of these bronze clamps have actually been found. This is certainly a discovery of immense significance, for bronze is a most difficult alloy to produce, requiring the combination of a certain proportion of copper (about 85-90%) with tin; and whereas copper can be found in its natural state, tin must be extracted by difficult metallurgical processes from the ores in which it is contained.”

I don’t know if you have ever looked at this one.




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